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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


March 21st - 24rd, 2008


Since Charlie loved the VOC so much, she decided to skip out of studying in Britain to come and celebrate her birthday with the VOC in Canada. Check out some of the pictures from last year.

Charlie requested we make this trip as available as possible to any keen back country enthusiast. That being said, this trip is not a guided trip and you will be responsible for your own safety and comfort although you can probably count on me to provide you with some alcohol.

Avalanche Education

Avalanches are a major consideration for winter backcountry travel. It is recommended that you educate yourself about avalanches before this trip and have all the gear. There is also an online course available here. Reading a book on the subject wouldn't hurt either.


A not very democratic decision was made as to the trip destination, sort of like the Alberta election. It appears that spring is upon us with the resulting stable snow and hard, fast crusts. That means it is time for traverses. Since it appears that we are lacking in the vehicular department, the Spearhead traverse was chosen. The plan goes something like this. We break into groups no larger than 6 people, 4 is best (basically one car load). We all meet at Russet Lake on the first night and have a birthday party in the snow with a hut as backup only (there is no way we will all fit, even if no one else shows up). We then head out the next day in our own self sufficient groups. More experienced groups do the Spearhead (~45km with 2000m gross elevation change, 13 glacier crossings and limited bail options), less experienced groups can ski around Singing Pass. Hopefully groups will meet up most nights. It is sad to break into smaller groups, but large groups just move too slowly to be considered safe. .

So, Charlie and I will be busing to Whistler and then heading up to Russet Lake via Singing Pass (Via Lift), but there is Singing Pass trail if you do not want to pay the man. Hopefully we will see everyone safely at Russet lake hut (as a meeting point for the B-party) before we continue onto the Spearhead Traverse. Hopefully groups will meet up each night, but will move independently during the day. This worked last year, somewhere, or so I hear, we will try it again. We will have to break up into groups soon, but we are doing our best to figure out how. Charlie will run a pre-trip meeting the Wednesday before the trip.

Weather and Avalanche conditions might cause last minute changes, but probably not.

Equipment List

Please be aware that you will need proper back country skis for this trip (telemark or alpine touring) as well as skins, ski boots, and poles. Avalanche transceivers (modern 457 kHz type) and shovels are absolutely mandatory. All nights will be spent camping as the hut is just too small for all of us and there is no other shelters on the Spearhead. Glacier gear and knowledge is required for the Spearhead, but not Singing Pass. NOTE: There might be clothing-optional segments of this trip (you could look at it as 'getting to know your fellow VOC'ers', or 'Naked is Faster and Lighter'.

Sign Up

Note that since this trip is still in the early planning stages it isn't yet clear how many people will be able to go on the trip. There will be no limit on the number of groups, but group sizes should be around 4-5.

  2. Matt (sans 4runner, avi I)
  3. Champagne (Just want to party with Birthday girl)
  4. Muffin Man, the
  5. Ran Z (Brian Waddington Hut (hut guitar) seems the best place for singing party)
  6. April Hall (avi I - Welcome back!!!)
  7. Ben SP
  8. Bob Lai (Charlie's back Charlie's back!!!)
  9. Line (will there be donuts to the people who teleski naked again this year?)
  10. Duncan
  11. Laura Morrison (wants to pay the man to ride the lifts)
  12. Evan M (!!)
  13. Sophia TM
  14. Philippe L
  15. Paul Bates
  16. Matt Baker
  17. Matthew Carroll (this is a ridiculous number of people - probably the Brian Waddington Hut is the only place we'll all fit. I'll book a CAN minivan to take 7. No vans with roofrack available.)
  18. Philipp Z
  19. Lee Wasilenko(avy 1, probably taking ubc greyhound, riding lifts; seasons pass)
  20. Piotr F.
  21. Maria Markov (maybe)
  22. Jenny Greenop
  23. Emily Beach
  24. Russel Haddow


  • Veenstra Leaving Saturday morning, returning Sunday. Have empty seats... call or email (lab=604-822-1998, home=604-628-7495)

  • Maria Markov Leaving from Tsawwassen, picking up preferably 1 more person, preferably from the UBC area. Return MONDAY.
  1. Maria
  2. Lee
  3. Laura
  4. (?) only if necessary
  • Jason Bedard (East Vancouver, leaving Friday morning, back Sunday night, 5/6 spots)
  1. Jason
  2. Line
  3. Jenny
  4. Russ
  5. Piotr
  • Matthew Breakey (Vancouver, leaving Friday morning, back Monday night, TBA)
  1. Breakey
  2. Charlie
  3. Muffin
  4. Emily
  • Evan Morris (leaving Friday morning, back Sunday night 5 spots)
    • Heading Up
  1. Evan Morris
  2. Ran Z (stove)
  3. Philipp Z (just the ride up, but will pay both ways)
  4. April
  5. Bob
    • Heading Back
  1. Evan Morris
  2. Ran Z (stove)
  3. Champagne
  4. Bob
  5. Emily
  • Seth Adams (leaving Fri morning but stopping for some ski race viewing in Callaghan valley and heading up the trail a little later on Friday, back Monday) - Seth... our amazing company only on the way back will be well worth it for ye. We'll pay for ur gas, both ways. Just please do drive up! Phelix is really easy to find, and you can get up from the car to the hut in 4hours or so if you giv'rr... I can also ski back down if you would like some company :-) -Piotr.
    • Heading Back
  1. Seth Adams
  2. Piotr F -- just the return on monday, driving up with Jason
  3. Philipp Z -- just the return on monday, driving up with Evan
  4. April (returning monday driving up with evan)

    • Heading Up
  1. Seth Adams
  2. Champagne