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The VOC needs a new Executive for 2018/2019!

Elections this year will take place online in the weeks before the Annual General Meeting. Elections results will be announced at the Annual Banquet which this year is March 14th. You can nominate yourself, or someone you think would do a good job. If you're nominating someone else, please talk with them about it first so we're not spammed with nominations. Executives must be an AMS member (ie. a student) next year. President and Treasurer must have been on the exec previously. It is fine to write a person down for more than one position, but at the end of the day you can only actually do one. For some positions, especially Huts, Trails, Trips, it is very worth while to have somebody in that position, who will be around during the summer.

It also helps to distinguish whether someone is nominating themselves, or nominating someone else [self-nomination vs. peer-nomination]. Or we can leave it a mysteryyy.

More information about the various positions: Executive Positions

If you are interested in being more involved in the club but don't wish to be an exec member, sign up for one of our Committees!


  • Co-ordinates everything and keeps the exec running smoothly. Must have been on the exec previously.
  1. Alastair White [ELECTED]
  2. Birgit Rogalla [peer]
  3. Else Bosman [peer]
  4. Ilya Capralov [peer]


  • Handles the cash and keeps the AMS happy. Must have been on the exec previously.
  1. Krista Cawley [ELECTED]
  2. Birgit Rogalla [peer]
  3. Else Bosman [peer]
  4. Ilya Capralov [peer]
  5. Alastair White [peer]


  • Organizes social events (especially Longhike & AGM)
  1. Erica Haugland [peer]
  2. Luc Harvey [ELECTED]
  3. Jan Prchal [self]


  • Takes minutes at meetings, helps writing grant applications
  1. Julia Ramos [ELECTED]

Membership Chair

  • Gets new members, and handles clubs days in September and January
  1. Swantje Jinyu [peer]
  2. Maria Berno [self]
  3. Jan Prchal [ELECTED]

VOCene and Webpage Editor

  • Puts out the VOCene and assists with website and wiki maintenance and development.

Trips Coordinator

  • Encourages people to lead trips. Organizes social events (especially Longhike & AGM)
  1. Heather Hughes-Adams [ELECTED]
  2. Diego Adleson [self]
  3. Jessica Brown [peer]


  • Maintain the gear stash and run gear hours. Note that we need five quartermasters.

Please see the current Exec reports - Quartermasters for more details on this position

  1. Alastair White [self]
  2. Will Rayleigh-Smith [ELECTED]
  3. Alexander Girard [peer/self]
  4. Mia Fajeau [peer]
  5. Diego Adleson [ELECTED]
  6. Hannah Bates [ELECTED]
  7. Jessica Brown [ELECTED]
  8. Erica Haugland [peer]
  9. Jackson Dagger [self]
  10. Maria Berno [self]

Journal Editor

  • Tackles the monumental task of producing a 300 page book in about 1.5 months
  1. Mia Fajeau [ELECTED]

Public Relations

  • Organizes slideshows and books rooms on campus. Officially in charge of the social media accounts (But this may be outsourced to individuals with strong instaskills).
  1. Hannah Bates [peer]
  2. Maria Berno [ELECTED]
  3. Jan Prchal [self]


  • Maintains library and archives collections. Buys new books for the clubroom. Archivist Report
  1. Else Bosman [ELECTED]
  2. Erica Haugland [peer]


  • Representative liaison to outside clubs and organizations.
  1. Alexander Girard [ELECTED]
  2. Ilya Capralov [peer]
  3. Haley Foladare [self]
  4. Birgit Rogalla [peer]

Huts Coordinator

  • Oversees huts management, maintenance, capital projects, tenures and public relations. If interested in this position get in touch with George Hill
  1. Haley Foladare [ELECTED]
  2. Luc Harvey [peer/self]

Trails Coordinator

  • Oversees trail work.
  1. Ilya Capralov [self]
  2. Luc Harvey [self]
  3. Cassandra Elphinstone [ELECTED]

Swag Master

  • Oversees gear purchases for the club and members, negotiates good deals
  1. Nick Hindley (can do 1st term only) [self] Looks like this kid's graduating!
  2. Haley Foladare [self]
  3. Jackson Dagger [ELECTED]

Awards Nominations!!


Only here for four months? Only have an hour a week? Don't want to make important decisions? Want to help make the club better! Join a committee! Being on a committee means that you are not an official exec positions but allow you to become more involved in the club.

Gear Committee (mini-Quartermasters)

The gear committee works together with the quartermasters to run gear hours and look after gear. As a mini-Quartermaster you may have the opportunity to run your own gear hours! Note that the gear committee is limited to five mini-Quartermasters.

Special Projects Committee

The special project committee works on various archivist, huts and trails projects. The committee meets once weekly during Open Clubroom Hours with the Huts Coordinator, Trails Coordinator and the FMCBC/ACC Coordinator.

Journal Committee

The Journal Committee helps the Journal Editor through the big task of putting the VOC Journal together. The committee intermittently meets from December to March.


2018/19 Exec Candidates listed below, in no particular order. The positions they are running for however, are listed in order.

Luc Harvey

Running for: Vice-President; Huts Coordinator; Trails Coordinator

PAST CLUB INVOLVEMENT I am a 4th year Civil Engineering student and have been on the VOC since the summer before I started university 4 years ago. I am an experienced rock climber and have instructed on both Rock Party and Sun of Rock. The VOC is an awesome club that provides students with trips and resources to get out and enjoy the outdoors and I want to help contribute to that.

EXPERIENCE My year as co-captain of the UBC Steel Bridge Design Team is approaching its end. I am looking for the chance to change my focus and direct my attention towards this amazing club instead. I have gained planning, leadership and organizational experience through the management of this team. This includes organizing and leading activities, meetings, and fabrication sessions. In this position I was also required to communicate with sponsors and university representatives on a regular basis to ensure that we were meeting all our goals and deadlines.

VICE PRESIDENT I aim to bring all of my experience and skill from UBC Steel Bridge to this position along with my passion for rock climbing and the outdoors. A major benefit to me taking on this position is that my dad runs the campground in Squamish that is set to host all future Rock Party events and potentially even Sun of Rock events as well. I am also quite familiar with how both of these trips run because of my instructional experience in the past. I am also prepared to take on the responsibility of President when necessary. My leadership experience with my design team will allow me to efficiently and effectively deal with any issues that I face in this position. Moreover, I not only want to take over the responsibilities of the previous Vice President but I am also determined to help the VOC with the organization of other trips, events and workhikes whenever possible. Choose me for the position of Vice President and I will make these events as awesome as I possibly can!

HUTS COORDINATOR As a civil engineering student, I am interested in structures and civil works which are the essence of how these huts were constructed. I also deal with social, ethical and financial problems in school and in my co-op positions as a consultant because all of our work is closely tied with large projects and government. This interest and understanding makes me a great candidate for this position. Moreover, I have worked many months in framing, roofing and renovations in the residential construction industry which gives me a general understanding of what is involved in the construction and maintenance of these huts. I accept that there is a lot to learn even after I take on this position but I am willing to dedicate myself to it and to uphold the club’s reputation as much as possible. I believe I have the experience, skill, interest and willingness necessary to be an exceptional Huts Coordinator. Vote for me as I am eager to take on this position and contribute to the VOC’s long legacy of huts management and stewardship this upcoming spring!

TRAILS COORDINATOR Originally from Squamish, I have been hiking and mountain biking along trails for the better part of my life. I have dedicated both volunteer and work hours to trail maintenance with my dad and with the Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA) and their Trail Crew. I have helped to build new trails and have maintained existing trails either by reworking the ground or by trimming back brush. I have the knowledge and experience to understand the work that is involved in trail building and maintenance. Moreover, my management and leadership experience with UBC Steel Bridge provides me with the skills to plan, prepare and manage workhikes in order to maintain these trails. I aim to also coordinate with the Huts Coordinator to complete both trail and hut work within the same workhikes in order to minimize mileage and to optimize the dedication of volunteer hours. Choose me as the next VOC Trails Coordinator and I will ensure that our club’s trail networks are maintained as best as possible.

Jan Prchal

Running for: Vice-President; Public Relations; Membership Chair

I’m Jan Prchal. I’m not hard to find on Facebook because my name lacks vowels (it’s a Czech thing). The VOC has given me a great sense of community and many memories over the years, and I’d like to channel that gratitude into getting involved with the fine folks in the exec. I like trail running, rock climbing, eating, and good conversations in no particular order.

VICE-PRESIDENT I like Rock Party. You like Rock Party. We all like Rock Party. Let’s keep it awesome and use exec and member feedback to keep stoke going forward on this and other social events.

PUBLIC RELATIONS I’ve been meaning to learn how to book rooms and I’m getting better and better at plugging events to people I know (and people I don’t yet know) to help spread the word and spread the stoke. It’s great to see the community come together to learn more about the outdoors.

MEMBERSHIP CHAIR I’ve boothed for the VOC at a number of Clubs Days, and I love chatting with people about all the things that the VOC can offer them, from trips, to gear, to memories, to discounts, to advice, to great people. As an added bonus, my semester in Sweden and my ever-increasing extroversion has allowed me to even better reach out to the Northern European exchange students who consistently form a good chunk of the VOCs membership.

Maria Berno

Running for: Public Relations; Quartermaster; Membership Chair

Hey fellow VOC'ers,

My name is Maria and I would love to add to VOC by being the new Public Relations rep and Quarter master next year. I love hiking, snowshoeing, hitting the slopes, climbing, biking and of course light walks on the beach to top it all off.

I love VOC probably because of the same reasons you do, who doesn't? Your always meeting wild friends and its a place where everyone brings something unique to offer. The most inclusive and exciting club on campus with endless opportunities to get you out of that comfort zone.

I am an active social media member so I vow to keep up the rad posts on our VOC insta, facebook and other accounts. I am devoted and organized so as quartermaster I would make myself available for convenient gear hours and hopefully organize a few more trips!

If you really want to see my lifestyle a bit checkout ye old insta and facebook (@mariiaberno).


Alexander Girard

Running for: FMCBC/ACC Rep; Quartermaster

As a upper year Forest Management student I have some background knowledge surrounding land management practices in BC, which I would be super stoked to apply in representing the VOC to FMCBC. In this position I would advocate for the maintenance and expansion of quality human-powered backcountry access, and build relationships with the FMCBC to hopefully get the VOC more involved in these types of activities.

Will Rayleigh-Smith

Running for: Quartermaster

Hi, I'm Will. You've probably seen me around, I used to have long wild brown hair until I cut it. I've been a Quartermaster this year and would like to continue to help take care of and rent out the club's gear. Mountain sports are my life, I really like this club (particularly the devotion to tele) and I think I have some unique stoke and skills to contribute.

Mia Fajeau

Running for: Journal Editor

Hey, my name is Mia, I am a first year science student at UBC and am running for Journal Editor. I love hiking, climbing, biking, and thanks to the VOC am learning to enjoy skiing! The never ending trip options, and all the fun people make the the VOC an incredible community, and I have had a great year full of adventures because of it. I am excited to give back to the club, so I am running for Journal Editor! I have always loved reading the very entertaining and informative trip reports, and I think the journals are a great way to keep up club tradition, and provide others with awesome and new information about our (mostly) local mountains!

Alastair White

Running for: President; Quartermaster

Hi, my name is Alastair. I was one of your quartermasters this past year, and am running for president for next year. I am running for this position because the VOC has been a wonderful and important part of my life since I moved to Vancouver a couple years ago, and I want to ensure that the club can be as amazing for everyone as it has been for me. I will continue the work that this year's exec has started for making the club as accessible and inclusive as possible for the growing numbers of beginners joining the club.

Cassandra Elphinstone

Running for: Trails Coordinator

The VOC is an astounding club through which I have learned a lot over the last six years. When I first joined the club, older members taught me about construction, skiing and mountaineering. As I continue to learn, I also enjoy leading beginner and advanced trips into the mountains. Witnessing people’s eyes light up in awe of their mountain surroundings always inspires me.

In 2014, I was a quartermaster and learned a tremendous amount about outdoor gear. In 2015, I was Huts Coordinator. Grants were obtained to replace the wood door at Phelix with a steel door and to work on the Lizzie Creek Cabin trail and cabin. Replacing the roof at Harrison Hut, let me spend a week in the mountains learning more about construction.

Helping build a portion of the Vancouver Island Spine trail in 2012, I discovered that I love the work of maintaining and constructing trails. Also in 2012, my participation in the last few work hikes to build the new Harrison Hut trail introduced me to this great hut, the trail there and to the VOC in general.  On numerous work hikes since, VOC work groups and I have cleared the road/trails going in to Brew Hut, Phelix Hut, Harrison Hut and the Lizzie Creek Cabin. Over the last few years, I have tried to keep the club chainsaw and brush saw in working order. Next year as trail coordinator, I would like to officially organize the trail building equipment, plan more work hikes and potentially apply for some grants to help with our huts and trails.

Else Boseman

Running for: Archivist

Birgit Rogalla

Erica Haugland

Running for: Vice President; Quartermaster; Archivist

Ohhh Helllooo Everyone!

I am Erica Haugland, and am running for Vice President, Quartermaster or Archivist, with a slight preference to Vice President, but am really happy doing anything.  I want to join the executive because I think that the club does very cool things, with very cool people, and it would be great to get involved and give back to the community. 

I had a bit of extra time on my hands this term, and would love to use it working hard for all of you good people! Organizing large events can be quite the operation, but due to my suburb organization skills, excellent work ethic, slightly above average communication skills, I believe it should be not a problem!

In my time that is not spent organizing great events, I ski (and tele (a VOC fave)), bike, hike and anything else that can get me outside.  I have super rad parents, that are cooler than I will ever be, that have taken me out and about in the great outdoors from when I was a lil’ tot, to now (a vv big kid), and have given me the skills to do great things outdoors and great things indoors, like be your next VP, quartermaster or anything else!

Julia Ramos

Running for: Secretary

Hey! I'm Julia and I just moved to Vancouver six months ago from Mexico City (which as you can imagine is not a very outdoorsy place). I've recently discovered the world of hiking/climbing/skiing etc. thanks to the VOC and even though a lot of things still scare me I absolutely love it. Next year I just want to get more involved with all aspects of the club and learn what I can. I promise that as Secretary I will take really nice meeting minutes, and of course help out with anything else that might be needed.

Heather Hughes-Adams

Running for: Trips Coordinator

Growing up on Vancouver Island, I’ve always loved to immerse myself in the outdoors. Two years ago, I began expanding my repertoire of outdoor activities, beginning with some cragging outdoors and ski touring. Today, I’ve had experience with alpine objectives, ice climbing, and ski mountaineering. Living with the coast mountains in my backyard and attending UBC, I got involved with the VOC and began volunteering at the Aviary climbing gym and leading trips. The VOC is a great way to meet other outdoor enthusiasts and expand one’s outdoor skillset, which is why I’m running as Trips Coordinator.

Diego Adleson

Running for: Quartermaster; Trips Coordinator

Jessica Brown

Running for: Quartermaster; Trips Coordinator Hi I'm Jess and "Skier" pretty much defines me, but I also get out by hiking, paddling and mountain biking, as well as work as a wildfire fighter in the summer. I want to be on exec because you can never be too involved in the outdoor community. Quartermaster is my first choice since gear is sick and I think I know what I'm doing with it. My skis tend to take a bit of a beating, so I am extremely proficient in waxing, base repair, edge repair, fixing delaminations as well as fitting it and think my skills could be put to good use in the club. My second choice is trip coordinator and either way I'd be stoked to be on exec!

Hannah Bates

Running for: Quartermaster; Public Relations

Hey guys, I’m Hannah! My hobbies include being disowned by my parents for using AT skis instead of tele skis, chasing gin with Sour Patch Kids, and falling out of canoes. I’m nominated for quartermaster (1stchoice) and public relations – I’d love to get more involved in such an awesome club and help out wherever I can. See you on the slopes (or in the rivers)!

Jackson Dagger

Running for: Quartermaster; Swagmaster

I'm Jackson and I'm a first year engineering student. I'm still pretty new here but I've done a few trips through the VOC and had a great time. I'm a pretty big skier so I'd love to be given the chance to make the club's tuning setup a little more complete and hopefully help people learn how to tune their skis. I'm running for swagmaster as my first choice and quartermaster as my second choice

Haley Foladare

Running for: Huts Coordinator, FMCBC/ACC rep, Swag Master

Hey VOCers, I'm Haley, and I want to join exec. The VOC has provided me with some of my best University experiences and I want to be a part of exec to help others have those experiences.

I feel I am best suited for huts coordinator as I am passionate and knowledgable about the history of each of the huts, the role that they play in the coastal mountains community, and what is required to maintain them. Helping to rebuild the floor at Harrison earlier this year taught me a lot about the unique construction techniques that have to be used in the backcountry and helped me build on my previous construction experience. I hope to prioritize hut maintenance, as well-maintained huts help get people into the backcountry, which increases stoke for everyone involved. My priorities would include continuing the efforts to find an efficient and environmentally conscious way to heat Phelix and figuring out some sort of plan for the outhouse at brew. 

I am also interested in being FMCBC/ACC coordinator. I find it inspiring how much the coastal mountains community works together to protect our wild places while still making them accessible for the outdoor community. I hope to maintain the VOC's reputation as a club of environmentally conscious and active members and to provide input from our club on important issues as often as possible. I will also ensure that I am representing the clubs opinions accurately by educating the club on various topics of discussion among the FMCBC and ACC and holding discussions within the VOC so that everyone's opinions are accounted for. 

Being Swag master would be cool too. Everyone likes good deals on gear, and I'm good at negotiating. I would also make sure to spread the word about these good deals so that everyone can take advantage of them, and so that we can blind each other with our Zebralights for years to come. 

Ilya Capralov

Running for: FMCBC/ACC Rep; Trails Coordinator

I got involved with VOC exec last year as a VOCene editor because I wanted to help shape the community that I love by informing everyone about news, events and other important info that we try to convey to every member. This year I want to continue shaping VOC in the way that our members want to see it and represent our interests in broader context of FMCBC and ACC. Our club is one of the biggest outdoor clubs in BC and I think it is important that our interests and our philosophy is heard and respected on the regional level. VOC is one of important organizations in BC that tries to maintain the balance between development of the outdoors and environmental conservation. I will try to do what I can to make sure that no action will be done by the club members of FMCBC without us knowing about it and our opinion on the issue being heard.

I want to become a trail coordinator because I will be around for the entire summer and will be able to help organizing work hikes to maintain the arteries of our club - trails. There is a strong opinion in the club that we might want to build a new trail. I support this desire, and I feel that we might have enough interest to try and do that!