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The VOC needs a new Executive! Put nominations here. You can nominate yourself, or someone you think would do a good job. They must be an AMS member (ie. a student) next year, except for President and Treasurer who must also be on the exec this year. There is also a paper copy of the nominations sheet outside the clubroom - we'll take nominations from both as well as the floor at the banquet. It's ok to write people down for a few positions, but at the end of the day you can only actually do one.

For more information about the various position, please check Exec Position Info

2011-2012 VOC Executive Elections will be held at the 2011 Banquet, March 23rd, 2010.


  • Co-ordinates everything and keeps the exec running smoothly. Must have been on the exec previously.
  1. Katherine Valentine


  • Handles the cash and keeps the AMS happy. Must have been on the exec previously.
  1. Kathrin Lang


  • Organizes social events
  1. Veronika Schmitt


  • Takes minutes at meetings
  1. Murray Down

Membership Chair

  • Gets new members, and handles clubs days in September
  1. Caroline Jung

VOCene Editor

  • Puts out the VOCene
  1. Len Goff

Trips Coordinator

  • Makes sure that the exec keeps up with their two trips per semester. Encourages people to lead trips.
  1. Chris Yuen


  • Dishes out, keeps track of, and maintains the gear stash. Note that we need five quartermasters.
  1. Jacob Slosberg
  2. Caitlin Schneider
  3. Aron Zahradka
  4. Julia Stafford
  5. Alfred Larsen
  6. Chantelle Chan
  7. Todd MacKenzie

Journal Editor

  • Tackles the monumental task of producing a 300 page book in about 1.5 months
  1. Kelly Paton
  2. Skyler Des Roches (mostly to encourage Kelly with the knowledge that she'll have help if she wants)

Public Relations

  • Organizes slideshows
  1. Jessica Litman


  • Maintains library and archives collections.
  1. Gili Rosenberg


  • Representative liaison to outside clubs and organizations.
  1. Erica Lay

Special Projects

  • Oversees special projects, often related to huts.
  1. Phil Tomlinson

Climbing Wall coordinator

  • Keeps the climbing wall going.
  1. Lee Wasilenko