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Archivist: Laura Morrison

The files for the journals that were scanned by Ignacio are both on the website and on a disk in the clubroom (in the cupboard with the old journals in it). All the journals that have been ripped apart and scanned by Phil should now be on the website, the ones that are missing are the editions that I couldn't find duplicates for. The older editions come apart easily but you might need to take the modern ones to Copyright to get them to cut off the spines. There might be some duplicate editions in the huts (I think Brew Hut has a lot of old journals) or you could figure out a way to re-bind them after scanning. I know there are a lot of old scanned yearbook photos around from several years ago, probably in the clubroom computer, and nothing has ever been done with them as far as I know.

The library is still run by the inefficient book sign out system. I moved the books around to new categories on the shelves, and checked what was missing at the beginning of the year (not much but it's hard to tell if they weren't signed out) but didn't do much else to them.

Sending the journals to libraries has been done by the Journal Editor in recent years, I didn't do it this year.

In past years it has been unclear who should send out the Grad Newsletter and various people have done it. I think it should continue to be the Archivist's responsibility and I wrote and sent it out this year. It covered what happened this year with huts, gear, how to buy a journal, etc. and you can see it on the VOC gmail account. I sent it to everyone listed as "VOC Hustler's Handbook" in the gmail contacts. The Silver Star Alumni crew was also sent a copy of Kathrin's "A Year in the VOC" article in March.

This is a really good position for generating workhikes for new members, as the club never seems to have enough available workhikes. It might be good to save any big projects that you can recruit help on for the fall to take advantage of all the newbies who want to get gear privileges. I had a couple of people tidy up the library shelves in the middle of the year, for example. An ongoing job that can be done by members who need a workhike is the VOCJ_index.


Books bought

50th anniversary edition of Freedom of the Hills
Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain
West Coast Ice
Canadian Rock

I chose not to buy any more maps for the club because I thought they would be too quickly damaged from use.

Trips organized

Scrambling at Phelix Hut
Hike up Mt. MacDonald
Tele School
Cassiope/Saxfrage Trip (cancelled due to high avy and illness)