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Climbing Wall Coordinator: Mahdi Eynian

Climbing Wall bookings

You can book the Norm Theatre after signing some forms from AMS. Among VOC executives, only climbing wall coordinator and the Public Relations executive can book rooms for the club. To book a room you should meet AMS booking representative at the second floor of the Student Union Building few days in advance. Current AMS Booking representative is Mr. Derek Eidick (P: 604 822 3966 F: 604 822 4711, email: Film society has priority in using the Norm theatre. VOC can book the theater up to two weeks in advance. If you negotiate with the chair person of the film society ([email protected]), you could learn about the nights that they don't have movie screening and you could book those nights too.

If you are sending an email about booking of the Norm wall, you should provide amsbookings with following information:

1) Name of AMS group for whom you are booking (), and who is responsible for the event (ie. yourself, or another club member) and contact information, need both:

  1. a contact tel number (with voice mail)
  2. e-mail

2) Proposed days and dates in order of preference (ie. Tues 1 May 2007):

3) Time(s) from start to finish, including set-up and clean up:

4) Anticipated attendance (MAX at one time): (NOTE: a minimum 50% of attendees MUST be UBC students + club/group members)

5) Type of event, and "title" (particularly if it involves a liquor license):

6) Indicate if you will require any rentals and/or House Staff labour for equipment set-up/take down:

7) Room/space preferred: (Here Norm Theatre)

8) Brief description of event, including whether any food will be served:

AMS prints a list of days that VOC could use the Norm Theatre. One copy is installed on the board out of the clubroom and the information is also entered into the wiki page: [1]

2007-2008 activities

  1. New Routes: we set new route few times this year.
  2. Dry tooling: wooden logs were installed on the center part of the wall for dry tooling (Thanks to Piotr Forysinski). Dry tooling is not allowed while others are climbing.
  3. Climbing Competition: this year climbing competition was organized by Christian Champagne.