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Christian Veenstra

Really important stuff

Huts Expiry

The huts are all under Nominal Rent Tenures with the government, except Sphinx which is in BC parks and we don't need to worry about. These things expire every 10 years. The file numbers/granted dates are:

  • Brew, 2400607, 8 June 2002
  • Harrison, 2401192, 15 May 2007
  • Phelix, 2410051, 8 July 2009

The government will probably mail us something as these dates approach, but they may not and if they do they will almost certainly mail it to the AMS, not the VOC (as these agreements are really with the AMS afterall, the VOC doesn't actually exist as a society - only the AMS). Be proactive. These agreements hold us to obied by our "management plan" which was submitted with the application (basically, is the application). The application for Phelix is available with Sheldon, the AMS archivist. Who knows where the other applications are, but they are likely similar - we promise to build a shelter for non-motorized recreation, they let us.


- Get elected - organise old-exec new-exec potluck - figure out what AMS hoops need to be jumped through Make sure there is someone "in charge" of the following throughout the summer:

- BBQs
- Booking rooms
- Comunicate with FMCBC
- Running Gear Hours
- Running the treasury

May - June -July

-Find booking reps

-Book room for November avalanche training workshop (public event)

-Work on the Harrison Hut, Brew Hut, Phelix Creek?

-Make sure Mountaineering Camp happens

-Make sure Glacier School happens

-Make sure Longhike happens

-Make sure Clubs Days happens (Clubs Days will be on the 17th, 18th and 19th of September.)