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How the year went


The year was not a total disaster despite my best efforts. Membership continues to explode and the club continues to struggle to accommodate that growth.

Membership Statistics as of 2011-04-08

  • total members = 813
  • regular (student) members = 616
  • staff members = 3
  • other members = 69
  • alumni members = 125

Last year was a record and we absolutely destroyed last year's numbers, so this marks the VOC's new highpoint in terms of membership.



An application was submitted to convert the current winter route to Brew into a year round trail. As of writing, approval is pending, but is not expected to be a problem.

Renovations were completed on Brew in order improve the windward wall and windows were replaced with fancy nylon framed double paned units.


The outhouse roof up at Phelix got torn off by an asymmetric snow mushroom last winder, a work hike went out and fixed it this year.

Bribing Trip Organizers

A program was developed whereby we're scoring Discounts for VOC Trip Organizers. The idea is to encourage more non-execs to run trips. The program has thus far been of limited success, but at least a few people have taken advantage of it.


Anna and Bob Parton, the parents of Jared Stanley, bought the club three SPOT units for use by club members. SPOT provided us with free service for those units and the club is providing batteries for VOC trips. This provides a vital method of contact emergency services if required on club trips.