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Public Relations Officer: Richard So

Bram's exec report is really good, all the details for how to do this job properly can more or less be found there. This year, there were a total of 16 slideshows. Only two of these slideshows were done outside of the VOC clubroom. The turnout was generally quite good on most nights, usually filling up the clubroom to a comfortable level. Attendance is likely to be highest during the beginning of each term, and for any high profile speakers or really interesting talks. You might consider booking a slighty larger room, such as the Buchanan A200 rooms which have a unlocked built in projector. Once again, all the details for booking is in the old exec report.

I discovered that the power cord for the slide projector is hiding inside the projector. The slide projector still works fine, and we have spare bulbs for it. The digital projector is also doing fine. The model is Canon LV-S3. I thought the bulb burnt out earlier this year, but it turns out it wasn't. But I did find out that a replacement bulb costs approx $299 from an online source, such as from If the bulb goes, it may be worth it to just get a new projector with 1024x768 resolution, and sell the old projector. There were also talks about just holding slideshows in a classroom with a built-in projector. This would solve some of the overflowing attendance in the clubroom. I think the projector is something that the club should continue to have though, especially since it encourages members to present a slideshow in an informal atmosphere. Classrooms are scary.

You can also book rooms in the SUB, but you actually have to see somebody instead of just sending off an email. Bram describes it pretty well too. This year I booked a booth in the main concourse for a mini clubs day, a small room in the SUB for the winter social, and the ballroom for the banquet. The small room wasn't great for the winter social, see if you can book the SUB partyroom for it (ie. do it at least a month or two in advance). Each club is also allowed to put up a poster in the SUB to advertise their club. I think the club is allowed to put it up for one week each term. We didn't do it this year, but it might be worth looking into (ask the AMS booking rep).

Easy as pie.