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Trip Coordinators: Kristin Warkentin (April-December), Ben Singleton-Polster (January-March)

During the fall Ben does not know what happened and Kristin should fill this in.

During the Spring The main organisation that was done was with Son of Rock. Son of rock was a smaller event than longhike with the emphasis on learning new skills in what turned out to be a smaller group setting. We met in the smoke bluffs parking lot at 8:00 and got going closer to 9:00 getting people into groups and the groups going on their way to differnt crags to learn skills. The instructors all talked about the skills that they were going to teach and where they were going to teach it. Instruction was dynamic in that instructors were not constrained in the same way that they were in longhike and were free to teach whatever they felt comfortable with and that their students wanted to learn about. Skills learned included basic belaying, rappelling, bolt and gear anchors, placing traditional gear, leading on double ropes, ........... We had a potluck style lunch at burgers and fries that went well. Dont forget to clean up the mess leftover after the lunch. After lunch people were given the option to switch the group that they were with. People for the most part seemed not to switch the instructor but most groups switched the crag that they were learning on. We then went to the brew pub for dinner and it was the biggest group i have ever seen in the brew pub.