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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.
Avalanche serious.gif Avalanche Hazard
The route and terrain described here is capable of producing avalanches. Safe travel requires the skills and equipment to assess and mitigate avalanche hazards. A professionally taught training course is highly recommended.


A 3-4 day trip crossing the Garibaldi Neve during Reading Week. Two groups will go from opposite sides, one on skis from the Burton side, and the other on snowshoes from the Elfin side.


  • When: Feb 17-20.
  • Where: Garibaldi. Skiers from Burton side, snowshoers from Elfin side.
  • Why: It's a good time of year to do it because the lake will be frozen (fingers crossed) and everyone has time off school. Snowshoeing the Neve also seemed slightly novel.
  • How: Currently Christian Veenstra is leading the ski group, while Dan Eagen is leading the snowshoe group. The snowshoe group still requires someone with more experience to come along to assist. Cars are still needed for both groups.
  • Who: You! Experience on your skis or snowshoes is a must. Beacon, shovel, and probe are all required, as is experience using them. You must have seen snow before, and be confident in your fitness level. See Garibaldi_Neve_traverse to get expectations of what is expected of your ability. Bailing on the first and last days are easy, while the middle two are less easy.

The Trip Meeting is Thursday Feb 15th in the clubroom @ 6:00pm

Snowshoe Route

  • Day One: Leave Vancouver early and drive to Diamond head car park. Car swap with other group. 11km to the Elfin Hut. We'll follow the switchbacks to the day shelter, and then follow the yellow wand road to the ridge. Along the ridge and to the Elfin hut we go. Easy day, finish early, eat good food and get ready for Day 2.
  • Day Two: Wake up really early and get moving. Follow the usual route north and then down to Ring Creek. To the Neve via the glacier and then along the Neve past the Sharkfin and to Garibaldi Lake. Here is the option of using the Glaciology huts or trying to cross the lake to get to the Sphinx hut. Sphinx hut is preferable, but the lake is big and the group may be tired. Depending on the group, camping part way to the lake might be required. Bringing tents would be bad, digging snowcaves might be a little better?
  • Day Three: Depending where the group is, cross the lake, down the barrier trail to Taylor Meadows, snowshoe down the trail to the parking lot and cheer in jubilation for having snowshoe traversed the Garibaldi Neve.

Ski Route

  • Day One: Drive up the road as far as possible to the Rubble Creek parking lot. Ski up the road and up the Barrier trail to Garibaldi Lake. Ski across the lake to the Burton Hut.
  • Day Two: A relaxing day of contemplation... If skiing up to the Burton Hut was easy for you, this is your day to go out and get some turns in. If skiing up to the hut was difficult for you, then you can spend the day resting in preparation for skiing across the Neve the next day. If skiing up to the hut was a total epic, then you can contemplate how to get yourself out of this situation without going out onto the Neve.
  • Day Three: Ski across the lake to Sentinel Bay and up the glacier, travel between the Glacier Pikes, past the Sharkfin, up and over onto the Neve. Glide all the way down into Ring Creek. Find your away across the creek and climb and traverse up the avalanche slopes. Continue to the Elfin Lakes Shelter.
  • Day Four: Easy ski out down Paul Ridge, past Red Heather to the Diamond Head parking lot.


  • You'll need your backcountry kit (skis+skins / snowshoes) and avi kit - shovel, transceiver, probe (probe is optional, but recomended).
  • You'll also need adequate clothes. This is up to you - but don't bring too much. For beginners, taking too much weight is the primary mode of failure. If you can't wear it all at the same time, you're bringing too much. People who bring 4 pairs of socks will be abandoned on the Neve. No cotton.
  • Sleeping pad / bag - keep in mind we'll be sleeping in huts, so you don't need a huge bag.
  • Eating stuff - you know what you like. Huts have stoves but we'll bring a few of our own as backup.
  • Headlamp, sunglasses, goggles, waterbottle, sunscreen, camera, toothbrush, TP
  • Musical instruments / songbooks.
  • Christian will bring crevasse rescue kit for the group, should the highly unlikely occur and someone manage to fall into one. You don't need any technical gear / knowledge of your own.



  • Dan Eagen (fearless leader? no car) - Bailed due to weather and lack of cars.


  • Christian Veenstra (fearless leader? no car)
  • Chris Petrus (no car), cleared for Sat-Sun-Mon w00t!, probably Sphinx 2 nights
  • Andrew Campbell (no car)
  • Matthew Carroll (car(e)less)
  • Roland Burton (car, weather dependant, probably going Sphinx 2 nites)
  • Robin Attas (also, no car)
  • Scott Webster (maybe, cartacular)
  • Line Christiansen (no car)