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First trip in a long time to try and improve access to the Harrison Hut, as well as do some much needed repairs on the hut. See Harrison Hut Maintenance and Trail Construction.


This is to happen on the weekend of the summer solstice, June 21-22


  • Clear the Barr Creek Road to the trailhead
  • Flag a preliminary trail to the Harrison Hut
  • Try to install the new door that is already at the hut
  • Nail down the metal roof (?)
  • Make a list of repairs that need to be made to the hut (e.g. front wall could use paint and or anodized aluminum covering)

See message board for details.


Google map

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="50.532416" lon="-123.450451" type="terrain" zoom="13"> 4#FF84C575 50.54694, -123.48158 50.54367, -123.482 50.54336, -123.48167 50.54697, -123.47725 50.54883, -123.47161 50.54692, -123.47436 50.54047, -123.47458 50.546, -123.47258 50.54709, -123.46693 50.545, -123.46333 50.545, -123.46167 50.54167, -123.46667 50.54, -123.46833 4#FF7A75C5 50.542563, -123.465471 Trailhead 50.540278, -123.462222 50.533889, -123.458056 50.5275, -123.457222 50.521122, -123.455172 50.517778, -123.451944 50.514354, -123.452811 50.513263, -123.442039 50.514545, -123.43616 50.517329, -123.433971 50.520001, -123.428334 Harrison Hut 4#B2C5757A 50.545, -123.46167 50.542454, -123.460965 50.540299, -123.460321 50.537735, -123.459678 50.534217, -123.456545 50.530807, -123.452811 50.528079, -123.447146 50.52767, -123.444142 50.524887, -123.441181 50.521695, -123.438005 50.519239, -123.43586 50.518038, -123.433928 50.51913, -123.430753 50.520001, -123.428334 </googlemap>

Road (green): 4.0/4.5km, 410/470m elevation gain
High route (blue): 5.7km, 920m elevation gain, 400m elevation loss
Low route (red): 4.5km, 660m elevation gain, 80m elevation loss

Download <googlemapkml>KML file</googlemapkml> with all coordinates.

To trailhead

Follow Hwy 99 to Pemberton, at the Petro Canada gas station in Pemberton turn left (Portage road) and follow the main road through the town (left at roundabout, right at T-junction). You are now on the Pemberton Meadows Road. After about 25km from the Petro Canada, turn right onto the Upper Lillooet River FSR (start of dirt road just after the bridge over the Lillooet River). Watch for logging and mining trucks (there is a pumice mine along the upper Lillooet River). Ignore a major spur road on the right after 9km (Hurley FSR).

After 37km from the start of the Upper Lillooet River FSR, turn left onto the Meager Creek Main FSR (this is about 1km past the BC Parks Upper Lillooet River recreation site, see link). The Meager Creek Main logging road crosses the Lillooet River after a couple of hundred meters, and is gated at the bridge (gate is locked, PeteH has key). Continue along this road. After about 6km turn left onto the Meager Creek South Branch and cross the (new) bridge over Meager Creek. Pass the Meager hotsprings, and cross Barr (Madhorse) Creek.

Counting from the start of the Meager Creek South Branch FSR, take a left turn after about 5.3km (at 50°32'49.0"-123°28'53.7" WGS83, 770m elevation). You are now on the Barr Creek FSR, a slightly overgrown logging road that switchbacks up on the southwest side of Barr Creek. Ignore a spur road on the right (at 50°32'37.2"-123°28'55.2") just before the first switchback, a second spur road on the right (at 50°32'44.2"-123°28'45.8") between the first and second switchback, and a third spur road on the right (at 50°32'48.3"-123°28'27.9") in between the second and third switchback. Follow the Barr Creek logging road for about 4-5km to the top (northeast) corner of a large clearcut (50°32'42.0"-123°27'42.0", 1170m elevation). You have now reached the (approximate) trailhead.

Trailhead to Hut

The proposed new route follows the broad divide up on the southwest side of Barr creek to the alpine.


Please indicate when you would like to arrive/leave, whether you are planning to bring a tent (+ for how many people), and maybe also whether you are bringing skis or not.

  1. Pete Hudson
  2. Kristen Brewer (definitely bringing skis)
  3. Roland Burton (Driving up Friday 2:30 pm, driving down Monday afternoon. No skis. Tent at car.)
  4. Dave Burton
  5. Scott Webster
  6. Anne Webster
  7. Bram v.Str. (leave Vanc Fri evening, back Mon evening, can bring 2p tent, and will bring skis and some glacier gear!)
  8. Matt Parisien
  9. Krystil Koethler
  10. Ty Linn
  11. Maria Markov
  12. Yanna Martinek (would love a ride fri evening to sun evening, can bring a 3 person tent)
  13. Jan McPhee
  14. Breanne Johnson (if someone else also wants to go up sunday, down monday)
  15. Philippe Le Billon
  16. Marg (with skis)
  17. Dan Blaugrund (with 2p tent, skis)
  18. Ran Z (2p tent, no skis, fri-sun)

Tools and the like

Please indicate below what tools you will/can bring!

Tools for work on road:

  • Pruning saw: ...
  • Bow-saw: Philippe LB, Bram (VOC saw, has old blade), ChristianV will lend his saw to ScottW
  • Hand saw: ...
  • Cable and hook for pulling dead fall from road: Pete
  • Chainsaw (probably not useful for alder)

Trail marking:

  • Lots of flagging tape: Pete (is Blue OK?)

Tools to put in new door, nail down roof (?):

  • Hammer: Philippe LB
  • Screwdriver(s): Philippe LB
  • Power Drill with two charged Batteries: Dan Blaugrund (will pack in if someone thinks that it will be needed)
  • Galvanized nails (or screws?) with/without rubber seal: ...


  • Tape measure: Philippe LB
  • Note pad to make copious sketches: Maria has leftovers of 2 Rite-in-the-Rain notebooks, pocket sized.

Tools, by Roland

I believe that a set of tools to install the door, flew in with the door. They may have been stolen or misplaced, but it's a long ways to go to steal tools. To install the door, I will bring the following tools in my car, and they will need to be packed in, and out, if we believe that other tools are not up there:

Code: 1= handy for installing door. 2= might be handy for something. 3= We can leave these up there.

  • plane 1
  • chisel 1
  • keyhole saw 1
  • hacksaw blade. 1
  • vice grips. 1
  • a decent screwdriver. 1
  • tape measure. 1
  • A few nails, a few screws. 1
  • good hammer. (found on Cypress) 1,3
  • shrubbery loppers 2
  • sheet metal shears. 2
  • hatchet. 2
  • bow saw. 2,3
  • pruning saw 2
  • bad screwdriver. (found on Cypress) 2,3

I'm not sure what you plan to screw with a power screwdriver and two sets of batteries, but they are pretty heavy for the work they can do.

If somebody wants to be in charge of "screwing down the loose roofing", they should bring appropriate tools and supplies.

Let's not each bring in a hammer, because there isn't enough hammering to go around.


Roland leaving Vanc Friday around 5pm and camping at the car Friday nite. Driving back to Vanc on Monday evening, seats five.

  1. Roland Burton
  2. Dave Burton
  3. Matt Parisien
  4. Bram v.S.
  5. .... room of one more ,,,,

Peter leaving Vancouver really early (like 4am early) on saturday. Driving back to Van sunday night. Seats five.

  1. Pete
  2. Kristen
  3. ...(switched)...
  4. Marg
  5. Dan B

Maria leaving Friday evening (at 7pm). Returning Sunday night. Seats 4 (5 if not much luggage).

  1. Maria
  2. Yanna
  3. Ran
  4. Philippe LB
  5. ...

Scott W. leaving Vancouver (19th+Oak) 4:15am Saturday. Returning Sunday night. Seats 4.

  1. Scott W.
  2. Anne W.
  3. ...
  4. ...