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What What and the Who Now

In the interest of disambiguation, it should be noted that Veenstra et al are leading a Neve trip on the weekend after this one. He suggested that we should do our trip on his weekend, but anticlockwise, so that we could swap cars. We're not keen to go anticlockwise because this involves skiing the infamous Barrier Trail instead of the more mellow Elfin trail. Having two Neve trips may enable us to get good weather on one of them.

-I'd prefer skiing out from Elfin (Bob)

  • What: Clockwise Neve Traverse! (barrier head to diamond head)
  • When: February 14 - 16 2009 (maybe add a fourth day?)
  • Why: Good Timing (probably frozen lake & reading break) and Good Times
  • Who: If you have experience on skis, have some AVI know how and are pretty fit, YOU! See Garibaldi_Neve_traverse to get a better idea of what you're getting yourself into...


Garibaldi Provincial Park

  • Day One: Drive up the road as far as possible to the Rubble Creek parking lot. Ski up the road and up the Barrier trail to Garibaldi Lake. Ski across the lake to the Burton Hut.
  • Day Two: Ski across the lake to Sentinel Bay and up the glacier, travel between the Glacier Pikes, past the Sharkfin, up and over onto the Neve. Glide all the way down into Ring Creek. Find your away across the creek and climb and traverse up the avalanche slopes. Continue to the Elfin Lakes Shelter.
  • Day Three: Easy ski out down Paul Ridge, past Red Heather to the Diamond Head parking lot.

What If

  • What we'll do if there's a white-out: Go to Brew Hut for a couple of days, since Roland's GPS knows the way (or so it claims)
  • Why: It's hard to cross glaciers when you can't see them

Trip Meeting

  • Where: Clubroom
  • When: February 11 tentatively 6PM

Stuff You'll Need

(see Gear_lists#ski_hut_trip for a better list)

  • You'll need skis + skins + poles and an avi kit (shovel, transceiver, probe) (if you're borrowing from the club remember reading week is popular borrowing time)
  • You'll need clothes. This is up to you - but don't bring too much. Word 'round the campfire is that if you can't wear it all at the same time, you're bringing too much. People who bring 4 pairs of socks will be fed to the polar bears. No cotton.
  • You'll need a sleeping pad / bag - keep in mind we'll be sleeping in huts, so you don't need a huge bag.
  • You'll probably want to eat stuff - Huts have stoves but we'll bring a few of our own as backup. We'll figure out cooking groups and stoves at the pre trip meeting.
  • We'll probably sing and be merry - songbooks, instruments and generally merriment could be useful
  • Also: headlamp (batteries), sunglasses/goggles, waterbottle, sunscreen, (camera/photographic memory), toothbrush, TP
  • We'll see if some one can bring a crevasse rescue kit for the group: map and compass would also be good ...

Sign Up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 14-02-2009. Please do not sign up for it.

Maximum 8 People If Batman can make it, we'll be nine...

  1. Sophia Toft Moulton
  2. Roland Burton
  3. Colin Pither
  4. Paolo
  5. Len Goff
  6. Eric Buckley
  7. David Reid
  8. Eliza Boyce
  9. Breanne Johnson


The Batmobile (Rides)

Please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport.

Paolo has a car, probabey get a family members truck too


Roland's Sturdy Isuzu Trooper ( near UBC)

  1. Roland
  2. Sophia 05:00, Gage
  3. Breanne 05:00, Gage
  4. David 04:45
  5. Len 04:30

Paolo's Explorer (Coquitlam/Burnaby)

  1. Paolo
  2. Eliza (16th and Windsor, East Van)
  3. Colin Pither (?)
  4. Eric Buckley (?)

We need 2 cars for 8 people, and some extra time for shuffling cars. Last year we drove up the night before so we could do the shuffling the night before, but unfortunately a major accident shut the highway, and we ended up having perhaps the world's longest dinner in Wendy's in Squamish, and got to bed in our trailhead campsite around 01:30am and ended up shuffling the next morning. So there are various possibilities.

Leave Vancouver 05:00. Drive to Barrier. Drop off passengers. Drive to Diamond Head. Drop off one car. Drive back to Barrier with other car. Start skiing.