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October 16rd - 17th, 2010

General Information

Main article: Indian Arm

This trip is beginner friendly, with the usual connotations. There will be quite a bit of paddling involved: good strength and/or fitness is recommended; paddling experience is a real asset. Indian Arm usually has very calm waters, but we will be paddling close to shore for the most part in case it gets rough. The views are spectacular, Deep Cove has a place where they sell amazing honey-dipped donuts, and kayaking is one of those things where light rain just cools you off.

Some camping experience is also good. We will be paddling double kayaks (more space - more stable - cheaper to rent). This means you can bring more than you would on a backpacking trip, but please pack reasonably.

We will be packing everything into kayaks. The kayaks do stay mostly dry, but your stuff may get damp... it is best to pack everything into either dry bags or just into thick garbage bags. The hatches on the kayaks are sometimes small, so its better to have a few smaller bags than one giant bag.

We will be having a potluck dessert and drinks in the evening, so be prepared to bring some things to share.

Possible Agenda

  • SATURDAY September 24: meet at 9am at Deep Cove, eat donuts, drink coffee, and be ready by the door of Deep Cove kayaks at 9:30, preferably with filled up forms to minimize faff. Load kayaks and paddle north on Indian Arm to the twin islands where we could make a brief stop, and then continue straight either to the Granite Falls campground; set up camp; dinner, wine & songbook.
  • SUNDAY September 25: early breakfast; load kayaks; paddle south (lunch somewhere); return to Deep Cove circa the afternoon.

We should still have time on Saturday to explore the North end of Indian Arm by kayak: if we make good time Sunday we can also explore some islands and bays in the South part of the arm. There are also a few waterfalls along the way, and a spooky abandoned power station.

How much does it cost?

We will be renting kayaks from Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak, which should come to about $80(**) per person for 48 hours of kayak rental (includes kayak, paddle, PFD, sprayskirt, mandatory safety equipment).

(**) If you have your own kayak this obviously doesn't apply to you. If you have a way to transport a kayak, we could also rent them from MEC (this would be much cheaper). Payment for kayaks rented from Deep Cove will be IN ADVANCE, at the pretrip meeting.

Food groups will split the cost of food: transportation is FREE if you have a U-Pass! (it's a whopping $6.50 in bus fare if you don't)

What to bring


(no cotton!)

Footwear that you’re okay getting a little wet (sandals or crocs are good)

Warm jacket (fleece or down)

Long underwear (top and bottom)

Toque, mitts

Weatherproof jacket (goretex)

Weatherproof pants (goretex) (you should be fine without these but your bum will get wet)

Warm socks

Wetsuit (optional)

*you’ll need the clothes that you’re wearing and at least one other set of warm, dry clothes


Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad


Water bottles (there is no potable water after we leave Deep Cove, so you’ll need enough water for the two days – or bring a water filter)

Headlamp and batteries



Pocket knife


Lighter and/or waterproof matches

First aid kit



Dry bag(s)

Chart & compass


Lunch and snacks x2

Breakfast x1

Dinner x1

Cooking ‘n Eating

Bowl and spoon

Stove with fuel

Pot(s) and pot gripper

Dessert potluck contribution (Saturday night)

Alcoholic potluck contribution


Tarp (to put up as shelter if it rains) (optional)


Small instruments (optional)


A pre-trip meeting to cover some safety issues; also, planning food and tent groups. You should also pay today or have paid already

Tuesday, Sept 20, 2011 at 7:00PM

Tent groups

  1. Alix MacKay - quite a bit of kayak experience, know rescue techniques etc
    1. I will be driving and can pick 2 people up from seabus if needed
    2. Christina Prikryl (Alix's friend) - experienced outdoors, some kayaking exp
  2. Dmitri, Caitlin
  3. Lyore, ane, celia
  4. isabel, eliza
  5. Johannes, anne-sophie
  6. pritisha, jan
  7. sherri, elsa (Noriko's tent)
  8. julia, eili (lyore's tent)
  9. Noriko, Rob (Rob's tent - may have a 0.8 person space)

needs tent

  1. robin, kristian, catherine, emily,

Food groups

  1. isabela, celia, eili
  2. kristian robin, catherine, emily, elsa
  3. pritisha, lyore, anthea, jan
  4. Johannes, anne-sophie
  5. sherri, noriko, Rob (Rob has a stove/pot/kettle, Noriko has Trangia)
  6. Eliza
  7. Alix, friend (my stove)
  8. Gunn, sunni, ane

Busing Instructions

Boat groups

Deep Cove boats (12)

  1. Tess, Alex
  2. Gunn(p), Sunniva(p)
  3. anne-sophie (p), johannes (p)
  4. eili(p), celia(p)
  5. catherine(p), emily(p)
  6. robin (p), kristian (p)
  7. isabel (p), lyore/Philip
  8. pritisha(p), anthea(p)
  9. ane (p), julia
  10. jan (p), Eliza (p)
  11. Alix, friend
  12. Elsa's friend, elsa (p)

Other boats

  1. Caitlin
  2. Dmitri
  3. Noriko
  4. Rob
  5. Christian, Frode
  6. Philippe?