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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


February 5th -6th, 2011, Friday evening departure preferred

Pre Trip meeting Wednesday Feb 2nd 2011, 6pm, clubroom, before the slideshow


This is the VOC's annual trip which aims to introduce ice virgins into the realms of ice climbing. We will drive up to Marble Canyon near Cache Creek, which is one of the most reliable spots for ice climbing accessible in a weekend from Vancouver. Since it's a long drive friday evening departures are encouraged. We will camp at the campsite by Crown lake and spend both days climbing ice - top roping, for the most part. The actual ice is just a short walk away from the campsite. Saturday night will hopefully involve a bonfire (probably good to bring a bit of firewood with us). Depending on cars,instructors and conditions people can drive to a different spot on Sunday and then drive down via Pemberton if desired - this will be finalised at the pretrip meeting. In previous years we usually hung out in Marble Canyon for both days and there was enough to do there.


All students must have some experience rock climbing, and MUST be experienced belaying climbers on top rope. If in doubt, just ask me... (Piotr) Appreciation for helmet-wearing is also mandatory.


  1. Rigid(ish) mountaineering boots
  2. Harness
  3. Belay device, some screw-gates
  4. Helmet
  5. Crampons
  6. Ice tools
  7. Waterproofs, jacket+pants
  8. Gloves (lots of pairs, thin ones for climbing and thick ones to thaw your hands while belaying)
  9. Toque
  10. Headlamp !!!!
  11. Camping gear - tent, stove, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, warm clothes etc etc

The Club gear room has some double plastic mountaineering boots, and a huge supply of harnesses and helmets. We have a supply of decent climbing crampons too. You will however need to have your own belay device, and ideally a few screw-gate biners to go with it. If you have slings, quickdraws, daisychains etc, bring those too. I will try to organize ice axes for everybody closer to the time by borrowing tools from everybody I know who won't be instructing, but if you can arrange your own then please please please do - there will be a shortage.

Instructors will be responsible for bringing ropes, screws and draws/extenders/screamers, however I will help out with finding screws and ropes if we don't have enough.


Marble Canyon on Highway 99 between Lillooet and Cache Creek, at the Crown Lake camping site. We will try to leave Vancouver on friday evening (but not before 6pm). Crazy-early saturday departures are acceptable but not encouraged. I'm afraid it's a long drive.

Student Sign Up

The student signup is capped at 14. Sorry folks. Caitlin and Katherine are now officially "The Broken Club", and will only be hanging out with us... :-(

  1. Caitlin Schneider - UBC
  2. Katherine Valentine - Collingwood and 6th
  3. Spencer Rasmussen - 41st and SW Marine
  4. Skyler - Main and 18th
  5. Eva Kaltenbacher - Grandview and Penticton
  6. Wiebke Frerichs - Bdway and Cypress
  7. Matt Parisien - Trutch and 7th
  8. Fabienne - 43r and Mackenzie
  9. Kathrin Lang -
  10. Todd Mackenzie - 13th and sasamat
  11. Brad Ward - 10th and sasamat
  12. Adam Lewis -UBC
  13. Lee Wasilenko(has own gear, tools and some pro)
  14. Nisan Haramati
  15. Shuvi Haramati - granville and 70th

Waiting List

  1. Artem Bylinskii

Instructor Sign Up

  1. Piotr F.
  2. Christian Veenstra
  3. Line Veenstra (help setting up top ropes and such)
  4. Anne Vialettes
  5. Josh Zukewich
  6. Ian Bennett (+ newbie gf)


  • Piotr - 5 spots total
  1. Piotr
  2. Kathrin
  3. Skyler
  4. Eva
  5. Anne
  • Veenstra
  1. Veenstra I
  2. Veenstra II
  3. Spencer
  4. Todd
  5. Fabienne
  • Nisan - 5 spots total,
  1. Nisan
  2. Shuvi
  3. Brad
  4. Wiebke
  5. Josh
  • Ian Bennett - 5 spots total
  1. Ian
  2. gf
  3. Lee? (2773 W 15th Ave. 604 836 8918)
  • Matt Parisien's ultra-cool rental vehicle
  1. Matt P.
  2. Adam
  3. Caitlin
  4. Katherine Valentine


  • Piotr 2man
  • Matt P 2man
  • Anne 2man
  • Skyler 2man
  • Brad 2man
  • Todd 2man
  • Josh 2man
  • Shuvi 2x3man pls
  • Eva 2man

(total 22 tent spots)

Food Groups

Will fill this section at the pretrip meeting and therafter here on the wiki, unless people really want to start planning food already.

  • Group1
  • Group2

Car groups are encouraged to form food groups among themselves, if they wish to do so. We'll be camping right next to the cars, so you won't have to carry anything very far.

Driving Instructions

Highway 1 to Hope (150km)
Highway 1 to Cache Creek (190km) - don't go the usual way E, up Highway 5 towards Merritt and Kamloops!! That'd suck!)
Highway 97 N from Cache Creek towards Prince George for 11km, then take a left onto Highway 99
Highway 99 for 25km to Marble Canyon (Crown Lake)

The guidebook says the alternative route from Lytton (Highway 12 to Lillooet) is shorter but slower, so don't take it :-)

The carpark and campground are at Crown Lake; the climbs are 200m across the frozen lake...

The trip organiser will hopefully be pitching a tent there sometime around midnight on friday night... See you all there!

Google Map directions

GPS: 50.8350,-121.6941


Lee took a lot of photos from this trip. You can view them on Flickr:


There are many inherent risks in ice climbing. VOC 'instructors' are not certified ACMG guides, just folks who want to share their love of climbing cool frozen stuff. Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own actions.

Ice climbing is also highly dependent on conditions, therefore this trip will turn into a backcountry hotsprings trip should we get a total meltdown over the next 2 weeks - although this is rather unlikely.