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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

Avalanche serious.gif Avalanche Hazard
The route and terrain described here is capable of producing avalanches. Safe travel requires the skills and equipment to assess and mitigate avalanche hazards. A professionally taught training course is highly recommended.


Jumbo Panorama Small.jpg

Lee is organizing a ski trip to the Jumbo area for Dec 19-23. Jumbo is Northeast of Nelson and East of Duncan Lake. This will primarily be a trip in search of good turns and fun. There are some inexperienced people coming on the trip, we want them to have a great time and get a good intro to backcountry skiing; we are not planning on doing anything technical like glacier travel or summitting Jumbo. We don't want to leave the inexperienced people behind. Safety is priority number 1. Fun is number 2.

This wiki exists primarily to help us plan the trip and minimize email faff, not as a signup for members. If you want to come on the trip please contact Lee first.

Hut Rental

The hut has been booked for these 4 nights, but we only have it on the night of the 19th and the 22nd - another big group will be there on the nights of the 20th and 21st. This means we will be tenting for those two nights in between. The cabin sleeps '6' but we should be able to get 10 in there in reasonable comfort. The hut is pretty much already full with the 8 people confirmed and paid and the two people waiting to see if they can get the time off work. If you want to come you should plan on tenting. The cost was $240 and it was decided that we would like everyone to pay $30 even if there are more than 8 people. It's also encouraged that if you're tenting you still donate. The extra money is being split, some will be donated to the hut society for maintenance, firewood, and outhouse service (firewood must be flown in and outhouse barrels flown out, not cheap!) The rest will go to one of the environmental groups trying to keep Jumbo wild and stop the proposed development of a mega-resort on the glacier.

  • Update December 2: Due to a questionable scheduling error on the part of the booking agent we no longer have the hut on the nights of Dec 20 and 21. On the plus side the trip is now free. We will need to bring tents and all the other gear required to be comfortable sleeping outside at cold temperatures. You should plan for a outside temp of perhaps -20c though that is probably pessimistic. For the tents we would like to beg/borrow/rent/steal 3 4-person 4-seasons to minimize materials and maximize warmth and spooning potential. We will now need to bring stoves and pots too. A stove for every 3 people is sufficient. See Kootenay_Christmas:_Jumbo_Pass_Hut_ski_trip#Tent_Groups

  • Update December 13: We're are having a lot more trouble figuring out the access issues than anticipated. We could always drive to Invermere and go in that way. We are looking at alternate destinations, including the Bonnington Traverse cabins where we could have a cabin for all four nights.


Pre Trip Meeting

Dec 18. 8pm at Lee's house. We'll go over the plan and make sure everyone has everything they need. Possibly followed by beers at Mike's Place in the Hume Hotel afterwards. Then straight to bed!


Nelson - Weather Network

Nelson - Environment Canada

Powder Hounds

Confirmed and paid

  1. Lee W
  2. Justin W
  3. Madeleine MP
  4. Eric V
  5. Sophie C
  6. Kurt M
  7. Dustin P
  8. Laura C (OWWWW! Sexy time! Hey that's not Laura??)

Deposit not returned to them (email Lee if this is incorrect):

  1. Evan
  2. Greta

Equipment List


or see Gear_lists#ski_hut_trip

Other/nonessential/nice-to-have/things you may want:

  • Hut Booties (these are awesome to have, so good in fact I dare to say they are essential)
  • Booze (Seriously, who doesnt want to start the day with Baileys and end it with whiskey?)
  • Swimsuit for Hot Springs on the way home
  • Now that we're tenting there are some other things you should have. Big one would be a down jacket but other warm items like a balaclava, neck warmer or even a zippo hand warmer would be great too. Stay Warm - Stay Happy!
  • Backpacks - Now that we need tents you'll probably need an >= 80 or 90L backpack. It MUST be fully adjustable and have shoulder and hip belt/buckle or you will suffer. Test load it and adjust before you leave to make sure it's comfortable.
  • Some sort of blister tape or rhinoskin. Tape up your feet every morning or you're going to get blisters.
  • Earplugs; because you just know someone is going to snore


  • Radios
  • Stove and pots


  • GPS?


  • iPod stereo and AAA batteries


  • Stove and pots


You can download all of the maps in a .rar from this sendspace link: Jumbo trip.rar

Included are .map files you can use with Ozi Explorer which is free to try

You can get free topo maps from the government if you are able to navigate their site: Geo Gratis

The relevant ones are:

Some of the maps and some pictures from hiking to the hut this past summer are also available on Lee's VOC Gallery Album:

Lee's Jumbo Album

Map-jumbo.jpg Duncan Lake 82K7small.PNG

Please note that the smiley face hut in the gallery map is just my best guess and the hut is probably actually just north of there. The CVHS map is probably most accurate for hut location. It's good to have a geo engineer on the trip so thanks to Kurt for all the map data

  • Update December 15

We've got some info on the Bonnington Traverse and huts thanks to Kurt's geo-skillz

Here's the map: Nelson-BonningtonMap82F6.png

And here's the map with approx hut locations (I hope!):


GPS accurate Hut locations from Kurt:

Copper-Steed.png GrassyHut.png HuckleberryHut.png SteedHut.png

Access Plan

CVHS Website

Forestry Website

Frontrange Magazine TR

We are planning to access the hut on the Duncan Lake side. We'll head up the Glacier Creek road.

We are looking for someone to pull us up the 25km logging road with their sled. Kurt is working on this. He has phoned the Meadow Creek store and faxed them a poster with the info. We are offering to pay $25 per person to whoever can sled us in so please be advised that if you find someone you will need to bring $25 cash to pay the sled owner. Kurt called the Kaslo Mohawk too but the kid working there didn't know the fax number. Hopefully we can get one put up there too.

Rides to Trailhead(or to sleds?)

Just to make sure we all can get there. Lee and Justin's mother uninsures her truck in the winter just so they cannot take it on "crazy adventures". Thanks mom.


  1. Peoplez

Skiing and Entertainment

The hut has cards, a guitar, chess, checkers, backgammon, cribbage board, medicine cards (with interpretive book! Peter Mitchell is an upside down turtle). Remind Lee to buy/bring along a VOC songbook to leave at the hut and to contact Russ Hendry about new logbook or hut maintenance.

Kurt found this photo essay on youtube: One week in Jumbo Pass

Looks like a hotsprings shot at the end, Lee will try to find out where that is but Kurt has this warning "I ain't a going in the hotsprings with you! I know for a fact that snakes don't live in there, so don't try anything funny!"

  • Frank Wolf tells us these hotsprings are called White Swan but they are not on our side of the kootenays. Justin and Lee were there once when they were little.

There's a few seconds of Jumbo footage in a video on Greg Hill's blog under Backcountry as it is

While bored at work Kurt studied the maps around the hut and came up with some ideas for runs and tours


Yellow line = assumed route from road to hut

Blue dots = traversing/climbing

Green dots = FRESHIES!

Possible Tours and Descents.png

Tent Groups

  • Post your name and how many people your tent can hold. You will be expected to help carry tent components within your tent group. This list may change as we find more suitable tents.


  1. Madeleine : cosy 3 person (can bring stove and pot)


3-season 2-person 'double snuggler' MEC Tarn2

  1. Lee

Tent Snugglers

  1. Laura - Don't care whose tent as long as there is ample spooning!

MEC rents out this 3 person 4 season Nunatuk tent for $100/week that could be an option to decrease the total tent count and increase the person/warmth per tent ratio.


We are splitting into two groups of 4 for dinner. Each group of 4 will have 2 sub groups of 2. Each sub group will cook one night inside and one night outside for themselves and for the other sub group in their group of 4. Two stoves should be good for each group of 4. We would like to bring only white gas burning stoves and preferably all Whisperlites so we can share spare parts etc. Here are the suggested groups. If anyone has a problem with there group please let Lee know. Make sure you ask the others in your group if they have any allergies!

Group 1:

Cook Crew A: Justin, Dustin, (Marie? no communication?)

Cook Crew B: Eric, Sophie

Group 2:

Cook Crew A: Lee, Kurt

Cook Crew B: Madeleine, Laura


Date: Who's cooking

Dec. 19: CookCrew A

Dec. 20: CookCrew B Outside

Dec. 21: CookCrew A Outside

Dec. 22: CookCrew B

You're on your own to figure out breakfast and lunch. It's probably a good idea to pick a breakfast partner to make oatmeal or tea with or whatever so that there is less demand for stoves in the morning. Discuss with your food group.

For cooking gear we'll go minimal since we are only cooking outside for 2 nights and the hut has everything we need for the other nights. Keep the outside meals very simple. For example, all Lee is bringing for eating is a fairshare, utensils, a thermos, and a 1L nalgene.

Getting to Nelson

Those who are coming up from Vancouver can stay at Lee's house or Madeleine's super awesome hobby farm with a cedar sauna before/after the trip.

UBC to Lee's house

There is also a Nelson website we locals use to go long distances on the cheap: Nelson area rideshare

Ride Searchers

  1. Laura's interests of "skiing (just starting telemark), traveling, and retirement before the age of 30" scored her rides both way off the Kootenay rideshare board. Everyone is always interested in learning more about Freedom 24/28!
  2. Lee - friends don't let friends... take the Greyhound. I am expecting delicious baked goods for the non-bus ride up Lee!
  3. Eric
  4. Sophie
  • 1-way to Nelson w/ companion fare = $128 + 30 = 158/2 = $79 each (maybe +tax?) or $73 for non-refundable
  • 1-way to Nelson w/ student discount = $95 each or $86 for non-refundable
  • 1-way, thumbing on side of road = free but questionable success w/ skis

Jumbo Development

Jumbo Wild


Latest CBC Article

Proposed Resort website

Explore magazine article (PDF)