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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


The goal is to scramble the to the peak of Ossa Mountain in the Tantalus Range, with an overnight stop along the way. The scramble is in Matt Gunn's Guidebook, rated as having "one difficult notch", with 2200m total elevation gain. Also, we don't have to miss Thanksgiving.

  • Why is this Beginner Friendly? - I intend this trip for people who have some camping and hiking experience but are not as experienced in scrambling. It might be challenging. See the VOC definition of beginner friendly here.

My contact info is here.

Get a topo map from the Atlas of Canada, map number 92G14.

Skills Required

You will be more comfortable if you have some backcountry camping experience and a reasonable level of fitness.

Trip Meeting

There will be a trip meeting on Wednesday, October 6th at 6 pm in the clubroom to sort out rides and tent groups. If you can't come to the meeting, let me know or make your own arrangements.

=Driving Directions

Please have the last person in your car at 6:30 am. Drive to Squamish. Turn left onto Squamish Valley Road (after the tourist centre) and set your odometer. Stay left at 3.7 km. At about 24 km, turn left onto the Ashlu Creek road (there will be a bridge right away and it's marked by signs for "Buck Mountain Campground"). Reset your odometer. At 0.7 km ignore the right fork. There's an unmarked road at 2.3 km on left, park on the main road just past it. We'll meet here.

Gear Required

Check out the gear lists on the wiki for a scrambling trip here: Gear lists

Along with regular gear, you should have a helmet and good hiking boots. No ice ax required!


No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 9-10-2010. Please do not sign up for it.

Trip size will be 9 people unless some experienced people show up.

  1. Matthias Splittgerber
  2. Tom Curran
  3. Alex Thompson (camping experience)
  4. Jasmin Lightbody (have tent for me and steve below)
  5. Steven Geddes
  6. Rebecca Fiorito
  7. Brad Ward

(note: Tlell and Sawyer can no longer go so I moved the top two people from the waiting list up)

Waiting List

Sign up here and maybe you can come too.

  1. Dorothy Kuk
  2. Mylene Lejay
  3. Anna Deverall
  4. Saskia Wischnewski(hiking+camping experience,2 person tent+equipment)
  5. Alexander Westbye (Backcountry travel and climbing exp. 3P-Tent, stove and more)
  6. Rishi Sharma
  7. Alireza Sharif
  8. Charlie Beard... plenty of Hiking and Camping experience. Keen
  9. Madison Magalski
  10. Fabienne Meier (hiking experience)
  11. Derry Lappin (camping and scrambling experience, tent for 2, stove, car and more)
  12. Jen Neve (willing to go last minute if someone cancels, lots of hiking and camping experience, no tent, no stove)

Vehicle List

Sign up here if you have a vehicle. Who's in what vehicle will be worked out at the trip meeting.

  • Name of Driver
  • Laura Morrison (UBC)
  1. Champagne
  2. Alex (UBC)
  3. Rebecca (UBC)
  4. Madison (UBC)
  • Phil (Cambie and 20th)
  1. Vicky
  2. Matthias (E 37th) CANCELLED
  3. Tom (E Van)
  • Derry (4th and MacDonald)
  1. Jasmin (1st and Yew)
  2. Steven (1st and Yew)
  3. Anna (UBC)
  4. Charlie (UBC)
  • Rishi with rental car (10th and Blanca) [We have a couple of spots in the car. Please contact asap.]
  1. Fabienne (43rd and MacKenzie)
  2. Hunish Parmar (UBC)
  3. Brad Ward (?) CANCELLED
  4. Alexander (UBC) CANCELLED
  • Carless People
  1. Mia who emailed me
  2. Stephanie who called me