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Date: May 10th, 2009
Time: Sunday, 11 am - 1 pm
Location: MEC Vancouver

Buying Personal Gear

Post your estimated arrival times so we can all "hurry up and wait" together

  1. Colin V "Filthy Gearwhore"
  2. Eliza "Tele Gear Time" Boyce
  3. Andrew G. "First Splurge on Gear Since Arrival in Vancouver" Foregoing cheap gear (this time) for a spectacular hiking opportunity. Great gear grabs to you all!
  4. Lee "Broke and going into debt for some crampons" Wasilenko (arriving 1 or 2pm Sat) Gone NSF on his bankhizzy accountizzle
  5. Laura "will move homeless camp for the night to try to get better fitting teleboots" C
  6. Chantelle "wants ridiculously small climbing shoes" Chan
  7. Laura "another broke crampons-seeker" M (arriving early afternoon Sat)
  8. Mike "I love cheap gear" D (arriving Sat at 5pm)
  9. Rozzy "tele is the new sexy" Pedder
  10. Sarah "ready for some urban camping" Long (arriving later? in the day)

Buying Club Gear

Please discuss with Quartermasters Lee Wasilenko & Piotr Forysinski and read the VOC 5-year Gear Plan before purchasing anything !

  1. Champagne "Just wants to spoon on Broadway St."
  2. Lee (Grabbing gear, can't afford to buy)
  3. Sophia