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The trip runs Saturday, March 19th, 2011 to Hollyburn (Cypress) Mountain.

This is a beginner-friendly trip. We'll be heading up Hollyburn in the evening to snowshoe up to the summit. We'll probably be back quite late at night.

No pre-trip meeting. Please arrange a ride with a driver that has signed up below. If not enough rides are available, transit/shuttle is also possible.

Questions? Email Emily

Directions & Times

Everyone should be driving over the Lions Gate Bridge at 7:15 pm. We will be meeting at the base of the Cypress XC area at 8:00 pm. We'll hopefully be missing rush hour traffic this way.

From Vancouver, take Hwy 99 North, following signs to Cypress Mountain Ski Area. The trailhead is in the CROSS COUNTRY parking lot, not the downhill, like many of the Cypress hikes.


Our moon is full on March 19, and it is the lunar perigee. It's nice to hike sans headlamp, especially if its clear.

Equipment List

See Gear List.

You can rent snowshoes from the VOC or MEC if needed. Some people also choose to hike with poles. (That's in addition to the snowshoes, of course, not instead of them.)

Optional bringing of warm beverages. Mmmm.

Sign Up

Please indicate if you have a vehicle, and how many seats. Current limit for trip participants is 10.

  1. Emily Payne (no car)
  2. Navid Rahemtulla
  3. Justin Lau
  4. Conrad K.
  5. Anna E.
  6. Phillip Daoust
  7. Nissan Haramati
  8. Ellen Wardel
  9. Rebecca Beaton
  10. Rebecca Fiorito
  11. Wiebke Frerichs (possible friend with a car)
  12. Jen Allan
  13. Faroe + 1 friend (no car)
  14. Ido Roll + my brother (a car with a total of 5 seats)
  15. Shane Duan (no car)
  16. Erik Frebold & friend Yvonne (car, total 4.5 seats) I'm going to use long thin snowshoes with steel edges 'cuz I don't have short fat ones.
  17. Veenstar (maybe, have car for 5 if I come. I need to see what my recording schedule is like this weekend, but a "night trip" might be just what I need. Might need to bring skinny, slippery, style snowshoes)
  18. Ms. Veenstra
  19. Noriko O
  20. Mel Tan


Nissan - room for 4 passengers + driver. Please contact me before adding yourself. I will be leaving from Granville and 70th ave.

  1. Shane Duan (lives quite far on Clark & 14th, so if anybody is driving from closer there, it might be a good idea to exchange passengers in case we get back after transit stops working).
  2. Faroe
  3. + friend
  4. claire

Corolla - room for 3 more passengers. Leave UBC at 7pm from the village (CIBC parking lot). Can contact me @ ido.2nd at <<== Nice one.

  1. Rebecca Fiorito ([email protected])
  2. Philip Daoust philip.daoust at 778 228 0445
  3. Wiebke Frerichs at 604 440 6940

Erik's truck-- [FULL] room for 3.5 passengers i.e. 3 med or 4 small people + driver + infinite quantity of gear. Departing Chevron station Alma @ Broadway at 7pm.

  1. Navid R ([email protected])[small person]
  2. Conrad Koziol [Medium]
  3. Anna [small]
  4. Yvonne [small]

V2 - room for 5. Leaving from Dunbar

  1. Line
  2. Veenstra
  3. Emily
  4. Rebecca Beaton
  5. Noriko