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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 @ 7 pm


10% off at MEC during our clubsnight with the ACC

That's right - after regular hours on Tuesday May 4th our very own Mountain Equipment Coop will be opening their doors to allow our members a chance to buy gear at 10% off the retail price. This event is for members of the VOC and ACC, in addition to getting a good price on gear it will give you a chance to see what these clubs are all about and how your free ACC membership works (did you know you get a free ACC membership as a VOC member?).

Be there at 7:00pm for a quick presentation about what MEC, the VOC, and the ACC can do for you, then shop 'till you've got all the gear you need, you run out of money, or 9:00pm - whichever comes first!


Please sign up here. There is no limit but MEC wants to know how many VOCers to expect. If you sign up and decide not to come then take your name off. Thanks y'all.
Also we need two VOCers to volunteer (and complete their workhike) by staffing the VOC booth telling other people there about the club, what we do, and who we are. Sign up below.
Volunteer 1: Amanda W
Volunteer 2:

General Attendance:

  1. Doris "discount lover" Leong
  2. Maya Goldstein
  3. Richard So (I love gear)
  4. Krystil Koethler
  5. Ayoe Buhl
  6. Lewis Kitchen
  7. Mohammad M
  8. Philip Ketterer
  9. Helena Weiner
  10. Tiffany Shen
  11. Tyler Rosmini
  12. Maria Fredriksson
  13. Mireille Larosa
  14. Martin Archambault
  15. Mike Leishman
  16. Sam "my last name says no-Sam backwards" Mason
  17. Derrick Lee
  18. Mike Duncan
  19. Jennifer Y
  20. Kate Mears
  21. Phil Tomlinson
  22. Vicky Alfred
  23. Bob L
  24. Luke Kysow
  25. Scott W
  26. Stephen Randall
  27. Chris Petrus
  28. Anne W
  29. Heather R
  30. Roland "I already own everything and my Wife won't let me buy stuff" Burton
  31. Philippe Le Billon "shopping for my that allowed?"
  32. Teresa "Can you sign up for me, I don't know how" de la Fuente
  33. Merick Moritz
  34. Caitlin Schneider
  35. Geoff Martin (and his brother Phillip)
  36. Abdullah Radi
  37. Piotr Forysinski
  38. Anne Vialettes
  39. Dianne Yu
  40. Chris Michalak
  41. Paul L
  42. Brett G
  43. Susanne Dewein
  44. Toby H
  45. Cora Skaien
  46. Cameron Bathgate needs a helmet
  47. Peter Reichardt
  48. Avery Gottfried
  49. Rebeca Beaton you up