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2004 VOC Mountaineering Camp FAQ

What is it?

It's an opportunity for VOCers of different abilities to get together and enjoy an area together. Although we will all camp in one spot, different groups will head out to different destinations during the day. The evenings will be filled with good food, good stories, and good laughter.

This is not an instructional trip (do not confuse it with Glacier school). Although there will likely be experienced members around who may be willing to help give some guidance to you.

When is it?

It will be held on Labour Day long weekend (September 4-6). It is likely that some people will hike up on Friday September 3rd.

Where is it?

The camp will be held at Railroad pass. This is located on the Hurley River Road 57km from Pemberton. The relevant mapsheet is 92J/11.

Who's in charge?

Chris Michalak is organizing. See the member's list for contact information. Trip will likely be organised using a combination of web-message board, telepathy, and a possible pre-trip meeting.

Is it for me/you?

This year's camp will hopefully have something for (almost) everyone. The destination is accessible enough for beginners but exotic enough to be interesting to the mountain hard-person.

There is plenty to do in the area for those who are interested in non-technical peaks (scrambling). Therefore any strong hiker is encouraged to join in. Possible objectives for hikers are : Railroad Peak. Locomotive, Handcar and Caboose are also possible but may require some easy glacier travel.

The aspiring mountaineer will likely be interested in Face Mountain. The ascent of this peak requires considerable glacier travel.

The old-goats of the club may be interested in exploring new route opportunities on Face Mountain. It is also possible to hike west through glacier pass to reach Mount Sampson (Samson). This is a high (2800m) peak with a number of route options.

The Details

Here is a map of the area :


GPS. Parking: N 50° 35.433'; W 123° 1.067'. Camp: N 50° 35.767'; W 123° 2.300'.