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The plan

Mountaineering Camp is an opportunity for VOCers of different abilities to get together and enjoy some scrambling/mountaineering together. Although we will all camp in one spot, different groups will head out to different destinations during the day. The evenings will be filled with good food, good stories, and good times. Traditionally it's held over the Labour Day weekend, and this year is no different - Saturday August 30th to Monday September 1st.

This is not an instructional trip (do not confuse it with Glacier School 2008). Although there will likely be experienced members around who may be willing to give you some advice.

So who's in charge?

Veenstra, sort of. But mostly you. At Mountaineering Camp you're in charge of picking your own climbing team and deciding on an activity within your abilities.

Crowding and Tenting

The Hut holds 12-15 friendly people, and there is already a group of 6 non-VOC people signed up to go in. So you should plan to bring a tent, though the Hut can for sure be used for cooking and socializing. The outhouse is likely to see some serious use. Holding the Mountain Camp at a place with an outhouse might lessen the environmental damage from such a large group.


This year's MC will be in the area surrounding the Harrison Hut. See the hut's wiki page for directions.


Overseer (2749m)

The highest peak in the area. In his scrambles guide Matt Gunn describes a route skirting the edge of the Madhorse Glacier and up the South East side as moderate, not to mention giving it three stars (out of a possible three).

The Three Stooges (2441m)

The North ridge of The Three Stooges, glaciated on either side, points straight at the hut. Matt Gunn says: two stars, moderate.

Frozen Boot (2579m)

The Northwest ridge is an enjoyable scramble according to the hut log.

Volition (Two Doctors) Peak (2368m)

SW from the hut, a scramble. Bivouac has some beta

Zygo Peak (2623m)

SE from the hut, another scramble. Bivouac has some beta on it too.

Uriah's Heap (2621m)

Another scramble with enough beta from bivouac to make it go.


Overseer (2749m)

Alpine Select describes a route up the central couloir on the Southwest face and up the headwall as 5.8, with many variations possible (read: possible routefinding difficulties or choose your difficulty, depending on how you look at it)

The Meager Obelisk (2260m)

A 40m rock tower near Volition (Two Doctors) Peak offers a 5.9 fist crack. The first ascent involved two mountaineers luring two craggers from Squamish to act as rope guns. Upon completing the first ascent the craggers immediately top-roped some harder climbs on the same pillar.


Signup (indicate if tenting)

  1. Scott Webster
  2. Anne Webster
  3. Ran Z (door-side shotgun bench)
  4. Colin V
  5. Anne Vialettes
  6. Laura Morrison (tenting)
  7. Philipp Z
  8. Roland Burton (tenting)
  9. Shuyu Fan (tenting)
  10. Chris P
  11. Jason B
  12. Evan M (tenting)
  13. Greta R (tenting)
  14. Ashlee J
  15. Scott Nelson (tent)
  16. Sandra Nicol (tent)
  17. Bob L
  18. Line (tenting)
  19. Christian Veenstra (tenting)
  20. Martin Pajchel (tenting)


Doing something cool? Tell the rest of us about it! Maybe somebody will climb the Meager Obelisk? (Philipp+Veenstra+Anne+Piotr)

Anyone want to try the south face of Overseer? (Scott)

Hut Objectives

Things to do to the Harrison Hut. These projects should not interfere with more serious, mountaineering, objectives. But they do require a little preparation.

Roof Screws

Last time I was up there, Jun 20-23, Pete Hudson was putting screws into the roof to hold the aluminum cladding on, but he ran out of screws. Veenstra will bring up bag of roof-screws and ashpault caulking with caulking gun.

End wall treatment, short term

Due to the lack of a paint brush, we were unable to paint the end will with the gallon of paint that is up there. Roland will bring up a 2 inch brush, so we can at least paint the door frame where it has been damaged by the helicopter flight in. We might as well roll the rest of the paint onto the end wall, weather permitting, just to preserve it for another year.

End Wall treatment, long term

Painting the end wall may not solve the problem of the end wall being damaged by sunlight, because the wall is very porous and is covered with patches of paint of varying adhesion. There is a paint scraper up there. A permanent solution might involve buying a roll of "farm coil" aluminum and hauling it in, and covering the end wall with this. A roll of aluminum 3 ft x 50 ft costs around $250 and weighs around 40 lbs. It could be cut into two 25 foot rolls to make it more carry-able. Expect to spend another $10 or so for screws, and we'd need to bring up tin snips for installation. Probably won't happen this year.

Money Box

The money box is up there but it needs to be installed. Veenstra will supply a drill and a 1/2" bit. Roland will supply a wood block which is 2 3/16 width (thick).


Some quality signage is needed, laminated, welcoming people to our Hut and encouraging them to pay $5/night, either in the money box, or mailing it to us.

New Broom

A new broom Is needed; should have nylon bristles because corn brooms absorb moisture and go bad.


for hanging packs upstairs, would be good.


Arrange your rides here!

Roland Burton (probably drive up Friday evening and tent)

  1. Shuyu Fan
  2. Laura Morrison
  3. Martin Pajchel
  4. Ashlee

Evan Morris (leaving Saturday morning 5ish cause we can't get our schmuck together by Friday)

  1. Greta
  2. Chris P
  3. Bob Lai
  4. Jason B

Colin Vincent 4wd=less walking (drive up Friday evening and tent)

  1. Philipp Z
  2. Ran Z
  3. Anne V
  4. Piotr F

Sandra Nicol (Saturday to Monday)

  1. Scott Nelson
  2. Christian Veenstra
  3. Line Christiansen
  4. empty seat

Scott Webster

  1. Anne Webster
  2. empty space
  3. empty space