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Meeting: April 12nd 2013



Summer Schedules

Who is around of the new exec?

  • Steph -here, basically all year
  • Cora - on Gulf Islands off and on for summer (May-August); gone at end of August.
  • Caitlin - away end of may and end of june
  • Clemens - here, for the entire year.
  • Alfred - gone on May or June
  • Alex - not sure but has internet access
  • Olek - in Vernon all summer
  • Julien -here all summer
  • Marie-Eve - here all summer (might take a week a two for vacation...)
  • Jens -away from May 18 to June 08
  • Fisal
  • Annie - back end of April
  • Ru - here
  • Gillian
  • Lachlan - away May and June, here July and August
  • Christina
  • Chloe - gone all summer, tree planting
  • Ryan - gone June and July
  • Ian - gone in May, generally here
  • Derry
  • Roland - mostly around

Who is around of the old exec?

  • Veronika
  • Kathrin
  • Sabrina
  • Andrew - gone
  • Ian - gone
  • Lea - living in the geography building,until july/aug then gone.
  • Tom
  • Murray - probably away for work most of the time
  • Todd
  • Ben Yes around for foreseeable future. Always on email and phone. Field work in June.
  • Aron
  • Veenstra, generally around but may have occasional travel for lab stuff

Organizational Summer things

  1. Exec Meetings: wed 12-1pm biweekly<-- this is old and should be updated
  2. Check mail - Caitlin! (I do love mail)
  3. Gear Hours - 2-3 hours a week?
  4. Who will book rooms in the sub? New VP (Ian)?
  5. Beach barbecue every first Wednesday of each month.

Proposed Summer Trips


  • Intro to rock climbing, April 20 - Scott and Cora
  • Intermediate Friendly Spearhead - Omid
  • Moving into the clubroom and getting organized


  • BBQ - Alfred (decision made to have 2 small, portable BBQs in the future. We will use Steph's/Clemens' and Alfred will buy one)
  • Son of Rock - Fisal, Jens, Lachlan?
  • Introduction to Mountaineering on May 24/25th at Anniversary Glacier -Omid. We would need more instructors to make this happen. Omid also plans to do a dry school similar to the one for GS1.
  • Intermediate Friendly Spearhead - Steph
  • Harrison Trail exploration on skis - Ben with hopefully Christian's help
  • some baby whitewater...(Caitlin)


  • BBQ: - Alfred
  • Kayak polo at the beach? --> depending on day, Cora would love to help... but gone week days :(
  • Lead Ladder - Jon
  • Climbing in Skaha/Leavenworth/Vantage?
  • Harrison trail exploration on skis if the road is not melted enough in May - Ben hopefully with Christian's help
  • Howe Sound Sea Kayaking - Caitlin
  • Veenstra traverse? either here on July. Veenstras need to pick a destination and discuss.


  • BBQ: - Alfred
  • Kayak polo at the beach? Cora might be around more to help this month
  • Veenstra Traverse?
  • Another traverse
  • Alcoholic traverse: Marie-Eve wants to organize it, but she will need someone to show her the route
  • Stein Valley traverse: Clemens and I might try to organize it, need to see if I can take off enough time then
  • Scrambling trips
  • Summer Neve traverse
  • Some beginner-friendly hiking, scrambling and climbing trips -Jens
  • Gongshow style BBQ and Bivy halfway up the chief - Lachlan (or August)
  • Refresher climbing - Lachlan


  • BBQ: - Alfred
  • Kayak polo at the beach?
  • Some scrambling trips?
  • Mountaineering trips?
  • Some beginner-frienly hiking, scrambling and climbing trips -Jens
  • Bugaboos (approx 8 days) - Lachlan
  • Harrison Hut route building
  • Golden Ears Trip- Marie-Eve
  • Mountaineering Camp - should be on the long weekend
  • painting the exterior of Phelix, (Caitlin will do it, likely early August)


  • BBQ: - Alfred
  • Long Weekend - Mountaineering Camp - Aug 31 - Sept. 2/Labour day - At the Harrison Hut hopefully. - Ryan will organize
  • Glacier school - ?? (Trip Coord) -> Olek
  • Clubs days - ?? (print posters?) -> ALfred should be organizing this
  • Longhike - Cora :)
  • Climbing in Skaha/Leavenworth/Vantage?
  • Some beginner-frienly hking, scrambling and climbing trips -Jens
  • Harrison Route building - Ben with hopefully Christian's help.
  • Indian Arm Sea Kayaking trip- Cora (and others?)
  • Replacing the windows at Brew (September or October, Ryan will organize as big work hike)
  • Grad student orientation, Fair on the mall

Other ideas

  1. Hut renos, noting that Ryan is gone June and July, and our voluntary Grizzly closure is Aug 15 - Oct 15, if somebody is painting the exterior of Phelix, it probably isn't Ryan (Caitlin will do it, likely early August). Many people needed to haul paint. Replacing the windows at Brew could possibly be done in May, and Ryan is the expert, but we need time to see if the FMCBC is giving us grant money for this. Trip to Sphinx to put something on the bottom of the door. (Steph would be pretty keen to go to Sphinx in the summer)
  2. Harrison trail, as soon as the snow is gone.
  3. Caitlin wants to cross the neve in the summer. or attempt to
  4. Veenstra Summer Traverse
  5. Sea Kayaking
  6. River Kayaking
  7. Juan de Fuca trail
  8. Lions
  9. Black Tusk trip
  10. Garibaldi lake
  11. Cheakamus Garibaldi (Caitlin)
  12. Matier - as some intro to mountaineering?
  13. Baker
  14. Rainier?
  15. Something in the Tantalus area?
  16. Roland wants to get to the top of Mt Rohr, finally.
  17. Roland will try and do beginner-friendly hikes but doesn't want to schedule now and bail later.
  18. Small scale intro to technical alpine climbing? (would be interested in participating - Lachlan)

Other Items to Discuss

  1. Summer Exec meetings
  2. Office hours (for the busy time in September/October we need office hours in addition to gear hours, 12-1pm, most days)
  3. Get quartermaster helpers
  4. gear repair session (Julien volunteered to organize that once most of the ski gear is back)
  5. Club room organization