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Last minute trip stop. Leaving in 8 dash 9 hours stop. Destination Phelix stop. Powder sweet last time stop. Sign up below stop.

Message board thread

Drivers & Passengers

  • Drivers Name [Location leaving from, Number of passengers]
  • Sandra [4 passengers]
  1. Matthew
  2. Christian
  3. Mystery Warm Person #1
  4. Mystery Warm Person #2
  • Ben [UBC, large numbers passengers]
  1. Natalie
  2. Line
  3. Piotr

Food Groups

  • Veggie Wars Episode IV, A New Legume
  1. Matthew (Sith Lord)
  2. Christian (Crossing over to the dark side)
  3. Sandra ("In beef stock packet, no meat it has, eat it you will?")