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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

This trip is a workhike to complete trail clearing and brushing on the new trail to the VOC's Brian Waddington Hut. The trail is currently cleared to 1600m elevation

When ?

October 20th - 21st, 2007

Pre-Trip Meeting

Wednesday, October 17th @ 6 pm in the clubroom.


The trail is currently cleared and brushed to 1600m. From 1600m to the east end of Long Lake, the route for the trail is marked with yellow flags at shoulder height. The trail should follow the lower, shoulder height flags, not the flags high up in the trees (also yellow) that were originally placed in winter. The high flags go through a swamp just below the lake, and the low flags go around the swamp on the left (uphill) side.

  • Clear small trees from 1600m to east end of Long Lake along flagged route. Tools required: bow saw
  • Clear brush (mountain azalea, etc.) from 1600m to east end of Long Lake along flagged route. Tools required: clippers
  • Clear remaining fallen logs from start of trail to Long Lake. Also cut and position logs in the swampy section to create a continuous path along the logs. Cover with remaining expanded steel sheet for better grip. Tools required: chainsaw, peavey, axe, first aid kit
  • Flag trail as built from trailhead to Long Lake with a colour other than yellow. Flags must be placed as high as possible. Remove any old yellow flags that are "off route". Tools required: flagging tape, pole pruner (useful to take down high off route flags placed in winter)
  • Flag best route for trail along south side of Long Lake to the hut for summer travel. No brush clearing is required here because the ground cover is all heather and boulders. Tools required: flagging tape.
  • Prune high branches starting from the trailhead. Tools required: pole pruner
  • Construct trailbed on steep sidehill and switchback sections that have already by cleared and brushed. Tools and supplies required: Polaski, pick axe, shovel, short rebar lengths (for pinning logs), mini sledge hammer (for driving rebar), cordless drill with auger bit (for drilling holes in logs to put rebar into)
  • Dislodge the large unsafe hung up tree near the swampy section. Tools required (20m or 30m of rope to thrown over the tree and pull it down).
  • Record GPS waypoints / track for entire new trail and verify road waypoints. Tools required: GPS.


  1. Christian Veenstra
  2. Scott Nelson
  3. Christian Champagne
  4. Joanna Kolakowska
  5. Matthew Carroll
  6. Matt Zieleman
  7. Matt Parisien
  8. Stuart Masterman
  9. Emma Vardy-Bragg
  10. Liam Harrap
  11. Rueben Schulz
  12. Sandra Nicol
  13. Elona Hoover
  14. Margaret Rush
  15. Madeleine M-P
  16. Jerin Hobbs
  17. Emma Goodstein
  18. Tegan Adams
  19. Kristen Brewer
  20. Natalie Stafl
  21. Lenka Stafl
  22. Ran (Sorry for not being able to decide due to the knee and late return of Skaha / carpooling)
  23. Pete Hudson
  24. Friederike Siess
  25. Sheridan
  26. Kela
  27. Uli


Please indicate any tools you can volunteer to bring along. Tools marked FMCBC are from the Federation of Mountain Clubs tool cache.

  • Chainsaws: Sandra Nicol(18" bar)
  • Bow saws: Scott Nelson(1), FMCBC(3)
  • Small folding saw: Rueben(1)
  • Peavey: Christian Veenstra(1)
  • Pick Axe: Matt Zieleman(1) It's obscenely heavy, I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for. FMCBC(3)
  • Polaski: FMCBC(2)
  • Giant ice axe (almost a polaski): FMCBC (1)
  • Grubber: FMCBC(1)
  • Axe: FMCBC(2)
  • Shovels: Matt Zieleman(a few), Matthew Carroll(1), FMCBC(1)
  • Pole Pruner: Matt Zieleman(1), FMCBC(1)
  • GPS: Matthew Carroll(1), Scott Nelson(1)
  • Marking Tape:Stu can get as much as you need- tell me what colour and how many rolls.......
  • Garden clippers (small handheld variety): Sandra Nicol(1), Rueben(1)
  • Snow shovels: Scott & Sandra (2)
  • Prybars: FMCBC(2)


Any car can make it to the bottom of the logging road, but you will need fairly good clearance to negotiate a rock slide at 0.5km on the road and water bars beyond. If necessary, we can do two trips with the 4x4s to get everybody up to the trailhead. Rides will be arranged just before the trip to optimize the morning pickups.

  • Name, X spots, leaving from Place, 4x4?
  • Scott Nelson, 5 spots, leaving from 7th & Oak, 4x4 (Madeline the silver Pathfinder)
    • Sandra Nicol
    • Christian Veenstra
    • Matthew Carroll
    • Scott Nelson
    • Valerie (Stu's GF)
  • Matt Zieleman, 3 spots, leaving from Langley (Mercury Cougar)
    • Matt Zieleman
    • Ran Z
    • Matt Parisien
  • Liam Harrap, 4 spots, leaving from Surrey
    • Liam Harrap
    • Rueben Schulz
    • Friederike Siess
    • Occupied
  • Tegan Adams, 3 or 4 spots leaving from near UBC
    • Stu McMaster
    • Madeleine M-P
    • Sheridan
    • Tegan Adams
  • Peter Hudson, 4 or 5 spots, leaving from West end.
    • Peter Hudson
    • Margaret Rush
    • Kela
    • Occupied
    • Uli
  • Kristen Brewer, 3 or 4 spots leaving from the west end (definitely won't survive logging roads)
    • Kristen Brewer
    • Joanna Kolakowska
    • Elona Hoover
    • Emma
  • Jeff Ferguson, 4 spots leaving from UBC
    • Jeff Ferguson
    • Natalie Stafl
    • Lenka Stafl
    • Champagne