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This is a loosely organized ski trip for intermediate skiers. There will be no instruction and you're expected to have some avalanche training or pair up with someone who does. There will likely be no pre-trip meeting so if you'd like to go please put your name down and contact Tim Blair.


January 30th - 31st, 2010


The Brian Waddington Hut.

Equipment List


Please sign up for which potluck item you will bring or at least what type (main, dessert, or appie/ soup)

  1. Nat- chocolate dessert and apples
  2. Jeff- brownies
  3. Robyn + Chris- peanut butter noodles
  4. Scott - thai curry (someone else needs to bring rice to accompany this)
  5. E & G - Pasta meal (w/meat?)
  6. Nick - Miso Soup (salty and delicious)
  7. CPBL - chips and salsa
  8. Pascale & Ignacio - Rice (to accompany the curry)

Sign Up

  1. Natalie Stafl
  2. Jeff Ferguson
  3. Nick C
  4. Robyn Hooper
  5. Chris Boulton
  6. Evan Morris (wants to ski some obscure stuff!)
  7. Greta Raymant
  8. Richard So (would like to ski the less obscure stuff this time)
  9. Tim Blair (what's wrong with obscure stuff?)
  10. Scott Nelson
  11. Chris BL
  12. Pascale Cometto
  13. Ignacio Rozada
  14. David Roscoe
  15. Ryan Stelzer
  16. Philippe Le Billon
  17. Eddie Rothschild

Max has been moved to 24 as we've talked to the other party going up there.


Tentative Ride Schedule (to be confirmed by the drivers)

Madeline (room for 5, prefer non UBC passengers) - departing around 5am

  1. Scott
  2. Jeff
  3. Nat
  4. Robyn
  5. Chris Boulton


  1. Evan
  2. Greta
  3. Tim
  4. Dave Roscoe
  5. Rich (I don't want to go climb obscure stuff, but does anyways) So

Nick's SUV

  1. Nick
  2. Ryan Stelzer
  3. Eddie
  4. Philippe Le Billon
  5. Chris B-L

Ignacio's rental car

  1. Pascale (needs to drop in at Whistler at 8am on Saturday)
  2. Ignacio

Carless People (you need to contact Tim)