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Oct. 14-15, 2006

This trip is a workhike to do some trail building work on the Roe Creek Ski Route that goes from Roe Creek to Brew Lake. This trail is the main winter access to the Brew Hut, and the objective of this trip is to remove brush, trees, tree limbs and anything that stands in the way of a pleasant skiing experience. With a little bit of work, this trail has the potential to be an excellent beginner backcountry skiing destination because of the moderate grade and open forest.

Volunteers are needed for Saturday, Sunday, or Both. For those working both days, we have to option of staying at the brew hut, camping at the trailhead or going to Scott's parent's condo in Whistler.

Pre Trip meeting

Wednesday October 11, 6:30pm, VOC Clubroom

We will coordinate food, rides, tools and equipment at this meeting. Please be there or send a representative.


Saturday and Sunday

  1. Scott Nelson (want to return Sunday night.)
  2. Eva Wingren
  3. Isak Stoddard (return sunday afternoon)
  4. Linda Vrbova (return sunday afternoon)
  5. Ben Singleton-Polster
  6. Ben Webber (No preference for return time)
  7. Andrei Pop (Sunday afternoon)
  8. Matthew Carroll (want to return Sunday afternoon if possible)
  9. Lisa Cashel (Sunday afternoon)
  10. Andre Malan
  11. Daniel Berheide (Sunday afternoon)
  12. Christian Champagne (Sunday night)
  13. Tristan Bennet (Sunday afternoon if possible)
  14. Victor Qian?

Saturday only

  1. -

Sunday only

  1. Natalie Taha
  2. Andrew Rutgers (Decided just Sunday)
  3. Robin Attas (also need a ride...maybe we could rent a car?)


Please list all tools here. There should have at least one tool for every person on the workhike, otherwise you can't do much good. You don't necesarily have to use the particular tool that you bring along. Useful tools to have are various kinds of saws, heavy duty clippers and shears(capable of cutting through branches at least 1/2" thick). We will not be moving any dirt or rocks, so shovels are not needed. Anything with a long reach will be especially useful, since in places we will want to cut limbs off of trees high up in the air. Some of the trail markers are over 20 feet (6m) off the ground, which gives an indication of what the clearing height for the trail needs to be.

Also, it would be a good idea if someone could bring an Aluminum step ladder. The markers are very sparse at the start of the trail, and to correct it we have to either wait until spring for snow or use a stepladder to put the markers up high. It doesn't have to be carried very far since the frequency of the markers improves after the first couple hundred meters of trail.

  • 4 bow saws, 8 sets of clippers with 18-24 inch handles, 2 tree pruners and once axe (courtesy of the FMCBC trail building tool cache) (Scott Nelson)
  • Bow Saw (Scott Nelson)
  • VOC to buy 1 tree pruner (Scott Nelson)
  • Axe (Do we want this????), 4 bow Saws, 1 Machete, Do we need more gear than this. I can get more saws, 1 more machete, numerous axes. (Ben SP)
  • Small Folding Saw, but i'll use whatever is given to me (Andrei)


The people going in each car will be determined at the pre-trip meeting.

  • Scott & Sandra's Pathfinder
    • Leaving Saturday morning from Oak & 7th and returning Sunday night.
  1. Scott
  2. Christian Champagne
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open
  • Eva's station wagon
    • Leaving Saturday morning from campus and returning Sunday night.
  1. Eva
  2. Ben S-P
  3. Tristan
  4. Matthew Carroll
  5. open
  • Isak's truck.
    • Leaving Saturday morning from the beanery in Fairview and returning Sunday afternoon - can take lots of tools
  1. Isak
  2. Ben Webber
  3. Linda V.
  • Lisa & Daniel's car.
    • Leaving Saturday morning and returning Sunday afternoon. Leaving from campus.
  1. Lisa
  2. Andrei
  3. Andre
  4. Daniel

  • Andrew's Golf fits 3 comfortably + driver.
    • Leaving Sunday from Kits. I have a roofrack so I could strap a ladder on top.
  1. Andrew
  2. Natalie Taha
  3. Robin Attas
  4. open

Equipment List

Personal Equipment

  • Warm clothing - temperatures are likely to be low single digits. It could freeze overnight
  • Rain gear, even if it doesn't rain the route is bushy and the bushes make you wet. Jacket, pants and gaiters are recomended
  • Water Bottle
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad. We are sleeping in the hut which is very well insulated so any bag should be ok.
  • good supportive, hiking boots.
  • work gloves (not essential but good to have)
  • Breakfast, Lunch x2 and snacks
  • Backpack to fit everything

Shared Equipment

Don't worry if you don't have this because there will most likely be enough to go around.

  • Hiking Stoves
  • Pots
  • Water Filters (Lisa, Scott)
  • First aid supplies (Lisa, Ben - small pack)
  • Dinner