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Note on Grade

Sky Pilot has seen 2 independent deaths in 2014 and has been updated to a low 5th class (5.2) Alpine rock climb. Crampons, Ice Axe, Rope and Poles and knowing how to use them properly are mandatory. If conditions are not ideal the conditions become extremely dangerous, this is not a hike.


Sky Pilot is a pointy looking 2025m peak located a few kilometers behind the Chief. It's easily accessible in a day and will provide us with a fun outing and some fantastic views of our beautiful country. I'll bring a big Canadian flag for some saluting, singing, and epic summit shots and I think it might be fun to have some sort of fireworks...

It would be cool to celebrate the existence of other countries too...multiculturalism and all that, so if you hail from somewhere else, bring your flag too (ie: if your from Germany, bring a German flag).

We'll probably try to move fairly quick, but no one will be left behind. Beginner friendliness will be encouraged.


  • Sky Pilot West Ridge (Alpine Select) - accessed by car on the Shannon Creek road until we reach a gate. Then we'll hike the road and trail to the mountain. We'll cross or avoid the Stadium Glacier and climb the ridge until it joins the South Ridge and goes to the summit.

Scrambling generally requires the use of your feet and hands to get up something. Expect scree slopes, snow, steeper, rocky bits, and a bit of exposure.

Skills Required

  • Patriotism
  • Previous scrambling or hiking experience
  • General physical fitness and endurance

Gear Required

This is only a day trip so no overnight gear is required, however survival gear is always good to have in case we did have to stay the night (ie: space blanket, headlamp, garbage bag, toque, etc...)

Some important stuff I'll list below

  • Sturdy hiking boots (stiff)
  • Raingear (always assume it's going to pour)
  • Food and water
  • Layered hiking clothes
  • Toque/gloves
  • Headlamp
  • Hat/bandana/sunscreen
  • Sunglasses!!!
  • Poles (an ice axe may not be a bad idea)
  • Helmet!!!
  • Harness
  • A day pack to put it all in

Trip Details

Make sure you've arranged with a driver for a ride. Use the Hustler's Handbook (member list) on the VOC main page to find driver/passenger emails.

Make sure you've picked up a helmet and ice axe from the clubroom if you don't have them. Gear hours are posted for Tuesday 12:30-1:30 and Wednesday 12:30-1:30. Check to be sure.

All drivers should have their passengers picked up and be over the Lions Gate by 6:00am. We'll meet at the Mamquam FSR turnoff. The turnoff is located right under the Chief on the right side. This is before you enter Squamish, so if you want Timmies then you'll have to leave earlier.


  1. Geoff "O Canada!" Martin
  2. Gili Rosenberg
  3. Maya Goldstein
  4. Cecile Repellin (not sure I have the appropriate patriotism skills... I'll try to find a French flag though)
  5. Gwyn Thomas
  6. Jared "The Beaver" Easton
  7. Michael Mendenhall
  8. Tyler Rosmini
  9. Maria Fredriksson
  10. Len Goff
  11. Jordan Best
  12. Ryan McKenzie
  13. Rachel Bagnall
  14. Adam Palmblad
  15. Dan Robb

-- The trip is now full --

Vehicle List

Sign up here if you have a vehicle, with the number of seats available and where you are leaving from.

Tyler: we can take one more person in our civic! (Leaving from East Van, Kingsway & Knight area)

  1. Tyler
  2. Maria
  3. ...

Jordan's Pathfinder (4WD HC), 3-4 seats available - leaving from East Van (1st and Commercial)

  1. Jordan
  2. Rachel Bagnall
  3. Gwyn
  4. Len & Kite(Personal flag)
  5. Dan R

Ryan's Jeep (4WD HC) 4 seats available

  1. Ryan
  2. Cecile
  3. Gili
  4. Maya
  5. Geoff (UBC)

Adam: (4+1 driver, 10th and Kingsway)

  1. Adam
  2. Michael Mendenhall
  3. Jared "The Beaver" Easton
  4. ...
  5. ...