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November 2007

  • Nov 7 2007: Gili Rosenberg - Canyoneering in Jordan [digital]
  • Nov 21 2007: Pete Hudson - Ski Touring and Climbing in the Icefield Ranges of the Yukon. DATE CHANGED

October 2007

  • Oct 10 2007: Michael Fuller - "This is Africa": Mining in Zambia
  • Oct 31 2007: Halloween - does anybody have a scary stories to share?

September 2007

  • Sept 12 2007: Charlie Caunt - Cycling the Icefield Parkways
  • Sept 19 2007: Afton Halloran - West Africa 2007 - Ghana and Burkina Faso: Travel and Research into Socio-cultural Barriers to Girls' Education
  • Sept 26 2007: Rob Brusse - Climbing in Bugaboo Provincial Park - Glaciers and Granite spires

March 2007

  • March 7: Trekking and Mountaineering in the Solo-Khumbu Region, Nepal. Presented by Craig [digital]
  • March 14: Two Months in Africa: Trekking and scrambling in South Africa, Namibia, and Ethiopia as well as skydiving in the desert, an animal safari, ancient monasteries, 17th Century castles, the frenzied markets, and much, much more... Presented by Cory [digital]
  • March 21: SE Asia: traveling, climbing and deep water soloing. Combined presentation by Janet & Craig.
  • March 28: Climbing and mountaineering in Oz and New Zealand, by Krystil
  • March 29: BC’s Provincial Parks: Can The Image Be Restored? - Panel Discussion at St Mary's Church

February 2007

  • February 7: How to not reach the Waddington range by sea kayak. Presented by: Christian, Jeff & Scott. Epics guaranteed.
  • February 14: A Purcell traverse from Kimberley to Rogers' Pass by foot and ski, and the endangered mountain caribou, by: Dave Quinn from Wildsight. Location: Civil and Mechanical Engineering building (see map), room 1202. Admission by donation.
  • February 28: A hilarious account of 'How to build a bouldering wall', by Dominic [digital]

January 2007:

  • January 24: Backcountry skiing trip in Kokanee Provincial Park (Kootenays), by Dani
  • January 31: Craig is presenting a slideshow on his transcontinental trip from London to Kathmandu (ground travel only)!!!!