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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Son of Rock

Son of Rock is the traditional spring/summer instructional climbing trip. The rock is finally dry, the snow sucks, and the days are long. The plan is to have several stations set up in the vicinity of the Smoke Bluffs in Squamish. There will be at least one instructor at each station. All ability levels are welcome and no climbing experience is necessary. Tentatively there will be 4 skill levels: absolute beginner, anchor placement, sport lead climbing, and trad climbing. Group size will be determined by instructor availability.

Trip organizer: Fisal and Jens


  • May 11th - 12th, 2013

Meet on Saturday in the Smoke Bluffs parking lot at 8:30 am.

Pre Trip Meeting

Attention, new time:

Pre trip meeting will be on May 8th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in BUCH A203

Ideally everybody will have organized rides before the meeting, and secured gear for the trip.

Sign up for Saturday instructors and students

Please indicate if you are an instructor and what you would be willing to teach and the climbing gear that you have. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR EXPERIENCE LEVEL,

Intro to Rock climbing

For those of you who have never climbed before and want to learn the basics

  • Gear you need
  1. Harness (can rent that from the club room). Make sure it fits you (ask the quartermaster for help fitting it).
  2. Helmet (also available at club room. Bicycle Helmet works too. It's not so much about hitting you head, it's more about stuff being dropped onto your head, such as stones or gear)
  3. Climbing shoes. They should fit snugly but not so tight that they 'really' hurt. Available at the club room.
  4. A locking carabiner and a belay device. The VOC does not rent those out due to liability concerns. You can get them at MEC. These can be shared in teams of two as only one will be climbing and one will be belaying. Most people get this here belay device. It's relatively cheap but still works perfectly. For carabiners, get one with a screw lock and one that isn't too small (D- and Pear shape are best for belaying).
  5. Optional*** If you want to learn how to rapel: a prussic. cord is available from the club or MEC, and we will show you how to tie it, etc.
  • Instructors
  1. Daniella Zandberger (rope and draws)+Tom Curran
  2. Julien Renard (rope and draws, can also teach rock 2 or 3)+Fisal Elstone

  • Students
  1. Luka Culibrk (Belay Device and locking biner)
  2. Yuri Chenyakin
  3. Jeff Abeysekera
  4. Michael carbonnier
  5. Amin Aziznia
  6. Gillian Albert
  7. Sarah Abtmeyer
  8. Jim Richardson (can bring belay device and 2 locking biners)
  9. Sofiya Lazarova (belay device)
  10. Samantha Beveridge
  11. Colleen Lau
  12. katie de sequera
  • Waitlist
  1. Milica Komad (have belay device, harness, carabiner) There Saturday, camping, then leaving Sunday morning
  2. Anastasia Hyrina

Top rope anchors

For those who want to move from gym climbing to outdoor climbing and don't know how to make safe anchors for top-roping. Please bring all the climbing equipment that you own. Helmets are MANDATORY as is something to anchor yourself such as [1] or just a sling will do but it may be less comfortable. We will be covering all different types of anchor setup. Please indicate if you would like to spend some time climbing or focus more on setting up different anchors with different equipment)

  • Mandatory equipment: helmet, harness, climbing shoes, something to anchor yourself, at least one locking biner
  • Recommended equipment: belay device + locking biner, 4 locking biner(s) for anchors, slings, cordolette, prusik

(ask your instructor for details at the pre-trip meeting)

  • Instructors
  1. Steph Grothe (or rock 1, have all gear needed, share a rope with Clemens) + Lea Zhecheva (anchor, draws)
  2. Clemens Adolphs (or rock 1) + Jannu Casanova (or rock 1 or 3) Have rope, anchors and draws. Started climbing 15 years ago but just once in a while. Can lead easy 10s in sport, 9s in trad. + Diego Ribas-Cadle (also happy to do rock 1 or rock 3). Have draws, anchor stuff, and rope. Climbing for a couple of years (10's).
  • Students
  1. Petra Klupkova
  2. Ru Lai
  3. Frederik Mallmann
  4. Artem Babaian (anchors)
  5. Katharina Rothe
  6. Marc-Antoni Goulet (have all personal gear, except anchor)
  7. Gabriela Espino (personal gear + rope. Setting up anchors)
  8. Kyle Traeger
  9. Manu Beraud
  10. Cissy Zhang (Drive 3, max 4 if squeezed)
  11. Tiffany Tang (set up anchors, but also climb)
  12. Else Bosman
  • Waitlist
  1. Joane Elleouet
  2. Steven Baldwin

Intro to lead climbing (sport)

For those interested in learning how to lead.

  • Instructors
  1. Clemens Langemeyer (or Rock 1 or 2... truck w/ room for 1 more)
  2. Cora Skaien (or Rock 1- rope, 10 quick draws, anchor)
  • Students
  1. David Newton
  2. Winston Ho
  3. Darren Smyth (anchor stuff and (maybe) quick draws)
  4. Fred Lin
  5. Taylor Reid
  • Waitlist

== Intro to trad climbing [email protected] call it a day For those interested in learning how to properly place trad gear (and climb while you're at it).

  • Instructors
  1. Jon Leighton (1 or 2 rack and ropes)
  2. Moos van Caspel
  3. Daoust (rope + rack)
  • Students
  1. Jens Vent-Schmidt (rope, draws, rack)
  2. Omid Javadi (rope, draws, rack)
  3. Isabel Verse
  4. Babak Mazhari (Can get a club-rope if needed, personal gear only, no draws or rack)
  5. Conrad Koziol (Rope)
  6. Marc-André Harvey (personal gear only)
  7. Gabe Frame (Draws and Personal gear)
  8. Alfred Larsen (rope and some draws)
  9. Alex Annejohn (personal gear only)
  10. David Newton
  • Waitlist

Sign up for Sunday

Sign up if you would like to stay in Squamish and climb on Sunday so that people other people can know who is staying and plan for the sweet party at the camp ground.

  1. Omid Javadi
  2. Jens Vent-Schmidt
  3. Moos
  4. Jon Leighton
  5. Clemens Langemeyer
  6. Ru Lai
  7. Babak Mazhari
  8. Michael Carbonnier
  9. Conrad Koziol
  10. Julien Renard
  11. Frederik Mallmann
  12. Daniella Zandbergen
  13. Stephanie Grothe
  14. Clemens Adolphs
  15. Gabriela Espino
  16. Marc-André Harvey
  17. Sarah Abtmeyer
  18. Jim Richardson
  19. Sofiya Lazarova
  20. Gabe Frame
  21. Milica Komad
  22. Diego Ribas-Cadle
  23. Alfred Larsen
  24. Luka Culibrk
  25. Steven Baldwin