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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


I'm try to plan a weekend trip to Burton Hut in Garibaldi park. The weather and avalanche conditions on Saturday will probably be crap, thus preventing a trip to most other places. Sphinx was selected because the trial is mostly in the trees and across a lake where the avalanche hazard is usually pretty low. If conditions are good/okay on Sunday, there is some excellent ski terrain available. If not, Sphinx is far enough to make a worth while trip on its own.

My car is leaving early on Saturday morning. Please have independent cars as it is a long way in (~17km with ~1000m elevation gain) and waiting for a big group is very time consuming. My car will be traveling at a moderate pace and will be pretty hung over so will require as much time as we can get. The navigation across the lake may be difficult if it is a complete whiteout and previous tracks get filled in with snow.


March, 24th - 25th, 2007

Sign Up

  1. Matthew Breakey
  2. Charlie
  3. Line
  4. Matt Baker
  5. Seth (can drive)
  6. Rick Havlak (can drive)

Drivers & Passengers

  • Matthew Breakey [Kits, 4 total including me]
  1. Charlie
  2. Line
  3. Matt Baker

Food Groups

  • Group
  1. Person

Equipment List

Must have avalanche and navigation gear (to get across the lake and find the hut in a white out)