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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Last winter/spring, we had a [nearly free] telemark lesson series. I thought it would be good to start a bit earlier this year to get the season going.

I'm a CANSI Level 2 telemark instructor and if we end up with too many people or groups that are too diverse in ability, Laurent Mingo (an ex-UBC CANSI Level 2 instructor) and Rachel Baldwin (CANSI Level 1) may also participate which would let us break into smaller groups. [If you would like to help teach, send me an email!].

Many drills we will do, even if they are basic, are very useful for skiers of all abilities. Even elite ski racers will go back to the basics and relook at 'simple' things like their stance, or the timing of initiating turns. I've found that some of the drills/cues I've been shown for teaching beginners are things that I now use when I'm playing with technique. So... it's fine to have people of different abilities within the same lesson group - the point of the lessons isn't to go fast, but to concentrate on technique. Obviously, it can become a problem when the range is toooo great so that the group can't move quite fast enough to keep the higher level people from waiting too much when we are just skiing. We'll try to avoid that situation if we can.


The group would pay for: instructor's lift ticket (or part of it...), your own lift ticket, gas for your driver


You will need functional telemark skis, ski poles, and ski boots. Gear is available to rent from the club room, or from Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Dates, Locations

It looks like Richard So is organizing things.... check that out on the Trip Agenda.


See Richard So's post on the Trip Agenda


  1. Driver
    • Passenger 1
    • Passenger 2
    • Passenger 3


Feel free to contact Phil Hammer (EOSC: [email protected]).
Also, check out [the CANSI Facebook Page [1] and the main [CANSI website].