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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Tele School


January 24th, 2009


Mt. Seymour

Meet at 8:45am inside the Day Lodge

Be there by 9:00 at the latest or organizing groups and tickets will be unnecessarily unpleasant.

If you can't catch a ride, you can get there by taking the 7:30 am Shuttle from Parkgate mall for 5 $ each way.


Your discounted lift ticket will be $22.00
Your portion of the instructor's lift ticket will be $5.50
This makes your total expense $ 27.50



You will need functional telemark skis, ski poles, and ski boots. Gear is available to rent from the club room, or from Mountain Equipment Co-op.

MEC prices:
Package (skis, boots, poles): 30$ first day, 20$ extra day or
individually skis: 20 $, boots: 15 $

  • call MEC well in advance to reserve gear

Dry School

There will be no formal Dry School for this trip. However, you must pay for your lift ticket in advance. This can be arranged in the club room:

  • Wednesday, January 21st, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


  • During regular gear hours before Friday, January 23rd.

Those who have not paid by Thursday night will be bumped to the bottom of the waiting list.

Learning Material

See Tele School#Learning Material

Tele School Groups


Level One (never skied, or at least not recently)

Group A - Line Veenstra

  1. Kaan E.(never skied, but did snowblade several times)
  2. Jasmine McEachern
  3. Maki Sumitani (have learned to ski downhill but haven't gone for a long time. I am terrible at moving on flat surfaces with skis.)
  4. Andrew Gertge (downhill skied once a long time ago, X-Country ski and snow shoe often)
Level Two (has downhill skiing experience)

Group B - Devon Carr

  1. Merick Moritz (I used to down hill ski when I was a kid and I occasionally cross-country ski classic. However, I snowboard and can ride switch which apparently should help)
  2. Karolina Hanula
  3. Silja Hund
  4. Sarah Stepec (many years of downhill skiing experience but it's been a while)

Group C - Richard So

  1. Lisa Erdal (12 yrs downhill/cross country experience)
  2. Paolo Baldrachi (a lot of downhill)
  3. Len Goff, Level 2. I have some 150 skiis and would love to trade if someone has 160s and wants something shorter.

Group D - Christian Veenstra

  1. Geoff Dunbrack, Level 2
  2. Ignacio R. Level 2. Decent downhiller, some telemark experience
  3. Eliza Boyce (a fair bit of downhill but not actually very good, tele skied once)
  4. Joanna (started last year, haven't been out yet this year - horrible really)


Level Three (has some, but limited, telemark experience)

Group E - Stephen Mullen

  1. Laura C - have the occasional nice tele turn but am lacking any real technique and often am a tele-poser (and parallel turn on my teles)
  2. Breanne Johnson - level 3 as per the skill listing on the discussion board
  3. Kate Robinson - level 3 as per the skill listing on the discussion board
  4. Shannon McCune Dickerson

Group F - Craig Alfredson ([email protected])

  1. Champagne - level 3 as per the skill listing on the discussion board
  2. Mahdi Eynian (I can only have a perfect tele pose at low speeds)
  3. Greta Raymant (can tele on mellow slopes but switch to survival skiing on steeper stuff)


Level Four / Five (I can tele somewhat reliably, but I want to do better)

Group G (Level 4) - Kjetil Birkeland Moe

  1. Will Whitty (I can do crappy turns that resemble tele. Level 3-4 as per discussion board.)
  2. Scott Webster (Level 4 as per Scott N's description)
  3. Bob Lai (level 4)
  4. Rozzy Pedder (level 4)

Group H (Level 4.5) - Øyvind Reimers ([email protected])

  1. Emily Beach (this is a Muffin-proxy sign up. Em can fill in her details later...)(4ish-5ish? I'd like to work on skiing steeper stuff, and also better technique for short-radius turns)
  2. Evan Morris (I can pretend to tele. About Level 4-5? Want to learn proper stance, bumps, quick turns)
  3. Ben SP (Level 4.5)
  4. Frances Sharpe (4ish, want to work on 5 stuff :P)

Group I (Level 4/5) - Melissa Hogg ([email protected])

  1. Emily Ackroyd (Level 4? can do tele turns, looking to improve my technique!)
  2. Jeff Ferguson (Level 4/Advanced. Can drive if a spot opens up)
  3. Maria Markov (level 4/5)
  4. Shahbaz Tabyanian (Alum) Level 4/5 (not much powder experience but other wise confident, want to learn to use poles properly)[email protected] ph - 604 916 7828

(I have an extra pair of skis 173 cm, g3 bindings, if anybody would like to borrow them)

VOCers downhill skiing:

Roland Burton (1)
Oana Sandu (2)

Total Numbers

9 Instructors
34 Students
3 Downhill skiers

That makes 46 happy VOCers!


Please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport. Be sure to include a phone number, at which you can be reached by your passengers.

Driver's Name [Leaving from,# of passengers, phone number]

Craig Alfredson [leaving from Lonsdale Quay seabus station, 3 passengers]

  1. Joanna

Veenstra mobile [leaving from Dunbar, 4 passengers]

  1. Line
  2. Lisa Erdal
  3. Paolo B
  4. Geoff Dunbrack

Melissa Hogg [leaving from Broadway & Fraser, 3 passengers, 604-202-9414, [email protected]]

  1. Richard So
  2. Steve Mullen
  3. Emily Beach

Eliza Boyce [leaving from East Van, 3 passengers w skis, 778-928-3764,]

  1. emily ackroyd
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster
  3. Frances Sharpe

Scott W.'s Car [leaving from 19th and Oak, 2 passengers, 3 if squishy]

  1. Bob L (might be able to drive if we're short of cars) - switched with Bob due to pick-up locations
  2. Karolina Hanula (Princess and Gerogia)
  3. Ignacio squishy Rozada

Evan Morris [leaving from Alma and Broadway, 4 passengers]

  1. Greta Rrrr
  2. Champagne
  3. Laura C - switched with Bob due to pick-up locations, hope this is okay!
  4. Andrew Gertge

Roland Burton [leaving from UBC, 4 passengers]

  1. Maki Sumitani
  2. Kate Robinson
  3. Breanne Johnson
  4. Mahdi

Will Whitty [Leaving from UBC, 4 passengers]

  1. Sarah Stepec (Fairview Crescent Res.)
  2. Øyvind Reimers (UBC)
  3. Kjetil B. Moe (Fairview Cresc.)
  4. Shannon McCune Dickerson

Merick Moritz [Leaving from UBC, 2 passengers]

  1. Silja Hund
  2. Rozzy Pedder

Jeff Ferguson [leaving from 10th & Camosun, 3 passengers]

  1. Maria Markov (7:45 @ Robson & Gilbert)
  2. Kaan E. (7:35 @ 4th & Blenheim)
  3. Len Goff

Carless People

If you can't get a ride, you can get there by talking the Shuttle for $5 each way, but catch the early one or you'll waste a lot of time chasing your group.


If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please contact:

Karolina Hanula