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"So, as you may have heard, Line and I are getting married! It's not a very long engagement - in fact we're getting married tomorrow.(June 23rd)

To celebrate we're having a second ceremony up at the Phelix Creek Hut the weekend of the 28th - 29th (with the ceremony late Saturday afternoon). If you'd like to come up and join us you are certainly welcome. We're expecting everyone to be self-sufficient (or bring your own guardian angel - as I don't want to miss my wedding night dragging someone up to the hut). We'd like to have a potluck style dinner Saturday night, and hopefully do alot of singing, dancing, and skiing on spring mush.

Hope to see you there!"

- Christian + Line


June 28th - 29th, 2008


Phelix Hut


Parties need to be self-sufficient for the journey in. Nobody will want to miss the ceremony to rescue beginners.


  1. Christian Veesntra
  2. Line Lund Christiansen Veenstra
  3. Matthew Carroll
  4. Christian Champagne
  5. Emma Vardy-Bragg
  6. Scott Webster
  7. Anne Webster
  8. Scott Nelson
  9. Sandra Nicol
  10. Stuart Masterman
  11. Tim Blair
  12. Ben Singleton-Polster
  13. Frances Sharpe
  14. Piotr Forysinski
  15. Anne Vialettes
  16. Philipp Zielke
  17. Lee Wasilenko (hopefully!...has turned into hopeless. have fun guys!)
  18. Ran Z
  19. Jeff Mottershead


  • Please post your food item that you will be bringing.
  1. Champagne: Some Champagne and something else TBD later.
  2. Stu: Some Stew and some pasta too.
  3. Piotr: Some Pita bread?? And some other dinnery-dish too...
  4. Philipp: ...Philippelphia cheese?
  5. Lee: Some Sarah Lee a bit of brie and a spot of tea
  6. Ben and Frances: squash tortellini c/w home made pesto, chocolate pudding for dessert, bailieys and hot chocolate for drinking.
  7. Jeff: A duck.
  8. Ran: Randemonium deserts
  9. Anne: anne-amazing french dish or dessert...
  10. Emma V-B: Victoria Bitter, by the pitcher...
  11. Anne and Scott W.: Fruit crisp dessert
  12. Sandra: 2 tier wedding cake


Drivers: Please indicate here where you are leaving from, and when, and how many people you can transport.

Passengers: It is up to you to contact your driver asap and tell him/her that you want a ride. At that time you can discuss departure time and place, sharing of food, tents, etc. Once you have done this, you should take your name off the "carless people" list.

  • Tim [Depart Saturday morning, Return on Tuesday via Tenquille Lake, email me if interested in joining]
  1. Tim
  2. Natalie
  3. Matthew C (return)
  • Scott W. [Leave Friday ~6pm, Return Sunday night, 4 spaces] (tenting at road Friday night)
  1. Scott W.
  2. Anne W.
  3. Christian C.
  4. Emma VB.
  • Jeff Mottershead [leave Saturday around 9:00, return when I get up Sunday morning--note that I will have a sat phone so that if Iva goes into labour, I can be notified and escape the pseudo-wedding. This is unlikely, but should it occur, you either need to keep up with me as I roll my fat ass back down to the van at ramming speed or be left for dead. You will also be riding with a bunch of tools, hose and a gas powered air compressor, until I get it dropped off in Squamish. The van has been recently excavated and even vaugely vacuumed, but the only time a civilized person has been in the van since, they thought it still stunk.]
  1. Stuart Masterman
  2. Philipp Zielke ("out") - as in just one way

  • Scott and Sandra [leave Saturday morning early (5 or 6 am) from Oak & 7th, returning sunday night]. We have a 4x4 and can drive up the road, also ski racks. Planning to bring a chainsaw + peavy to take care of some of the blowdowns on the trail.
  1. Scott
  2. Sandra
  3. Matthew C (out) Philipp Zielke (return)
  4. Piotr (?)
  5. Anne (?)


This is a list of things to bring to fix up the hut.

  1. Switch and wire etc. for LED lights (would it be possible to get some newer more efficient better LEDs? I dont know where to buy them but maybe we could get more light for our juice. (posted by Ben SP) --> This might be theoretically possible, but someone would have to find LEDs and determine somehow that they were more efficient, then build little circuit boards for them and wire them up there. This isn't impossible or anything, but not entirely trivial. If the new LEDs came in the same package type as the old ones then they might be swappable with a soldering iron, but then you'd need more juice or a trip to town. Scott Webster 21:57, 25 June 2008 (PDT))
  2. 9V battery for CO detector (Scott W.)
  3. Carry new stove (Jeff M.)