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Hey I was just wondering if a snowboarder/snowshoer would be welcome on this skiing trip?? -Angie McLaughlin

The first 2km is along an XC trail, which you're not supposed to snowshoe on, then above that the beverley creek trail itself is too flat to snowboard. If you want to help with the trail marking, the hanging lake trip would be a better choice because there's no XC trails to negotiate and it's steep so you can ride down the whole way on a snowboard. Scott Nelson

Is it okay to use cross-country skis for this trip and ski down on those instead of apline/touring gear? - Zoé

The trail is similar in difficulty to the winter trail up to Brew Lake. Metal edged "backcountry" or "touring" XC skis with NNN-BC or XA or 3 pin bindings should be ok. If you bring track skis you'll probably snap them in half skiing through the forest. Scott Nelson