Beth Lake

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Beth Lake is up in behind Furry Creek. It's a nice lake surrounded by steep slopes. From the gate it's a decent dayhike. You could bring along bikes for the logging road section to save time and make the descent nice and short.

Route Info

Bethh Lake elevation: 1 061 meters,

Trailhead elevation: 60 meters

Trail length: 17km return


Drive north from Vancouver on Hwy 99 toward Squamish then take Furry Creek exit. Take the left at the first stop sign, go straight at the next one, and turn right at the next one after that. You'll be on a gravel road with a yellow gate. This gate is sometimes closed so if you drive through it you'll be running the risk of being on the wrong side of a locked gate. The distance + elevation quoted is from the gate. At least 9km (return) can be saved by driving the logging road sections of the trail (depending on the vehicle).

Trail Description

Starting from the gate follow the logging road passing by a quarry, a mini-hydro project, and crossing furry creek and then a second creek. At this point you will be in a valley (with powerlines) south-southeast. You cross another creek and get back into the Furry Creek valley heading west. You continue along logging for a while crossing a few waterbars. All the right turns along the logging roads are marked with a red/yellow ribbon combination. At some point you cross by far the largest creek (Beth Creek). There is a pile of logs on the side of the road (ripped out bridge). Soon after the creek theres a trail going off to the right. Follow this trail up to Beth Lake. If there is snow on the ground and the trail can't be found. Tend to hang right while going up, rather then left. At some point you'll reach Beth Lake. From here you could continue up to Gordon Lake and up to Capilano Mountain.