Boring Clubroom Rules

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If you found the Clubroom Rules unclear, here is the straight version.

  1. Use of the clubroom is permitted by members outside of Gear Hours, Exec Meetings or Pre-trip. Club Activities take priority.
  2. Don't share the clubroom code with others.
  3. Keep the clubroom clean. Clean up both after yourself and any general mess you find.
  4. Don't break/modify/improve any of the furnishings, gear or other things in the clubroom
  5. Don't store your food/gear/valuables in the clubroom.
  6. You're permitted to read the library books but please sign them out during gear hours if you'd like to take them home
  7. Don't accept any new membership fees or gear returns.
  8. If non-members come in to ask questions try to answer them as honestly as you can. If you can't, refer them to the QMs or info email.
  9. Be considerate of others in the student center. Don't be very excessively noisy.
  10. When leaving the clubroom ensure
    • no random people are lingering in the clubroom
    • the gear-room door is firmly locked
    • the lights are turned off
    • the front door is firmly shut and locked.