Bouldering at UBC

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There are a few places to boulder around campus.

UBC Birdcoop

This is probably your best option, but it costs money. It is located in the SRC building next to the SUB. To access the cave you must have the same pass as is required for using the weights and cardio equipment. Alternatively, you can pay the drop-in fee. There are rock-climbing shoes available for rent at a modest price.

Earth and Ocean Sciences Main

There is a small bouldering wall located in the Geology grad society's clubroom. Non-geologist have been known to use the facilities without any hassle. The building is only open until 5pm, and closed on weekends unless you have a key. Take the stairs down from the main floor, and turn left walking down the corridor towards a door to the outside (keep the metal fence to your right). Immediately before the door, turn left down a hallway and then enter the grad lounge. The wall is across from the door, and consists of a vertical wall, and a 40 degree wall. There are mattresses to protect yourself from falling onto the floor.

Totem Residence

There is a bouldering wall available at Totem, in the gym in the Commonsblock. You are supposed to be a Totem resident to use it, but you may be able to get around that.