Brew Hut 16-19 December

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Up to the Brew Hut on Dec 16th, Stay there 16, 17, 18th, and ski out on the 19th. This should leave us with 3 nights, and 2 whole days to mess around in the snow. Ideally, you should have some outdoor experience and enthusiasm. Zero skiing experience is ok if you are tough. Otherwise, get a little practice beforehand. We can mess with snow caves if we get bored, but this is unlikely.

Trip meeting

We decided that we either didn't have time for a trip meeting or we didn't need one. If you have any questions taht a trip meeting would answer, talk to somebody else on the trip.


  • Some sort of ski gear. Club gear is fine but will there be Club Gear when you need it? It should work. Test it first if possible. If MEC gear, reserve it.
  • Transceiver is optional, unless you expect to ski avalanche terrain, in which case maybe you shouldn't come. Bring it if you own it.
  • Similarly for other avalanche gear. If you want to dig a snow cave, make sure you bring a shovel and a probe.
  • Sun gear, suntan lotion, dark glasses, gloves, hat with brim.
  • Warm stuff for travelling, such as fleece, sweaters, fuzzy pants, warm hat, warm gloves, mittens. It should be warm in the Hut.
  • water resistant layer, including a jacket and pants.
  • backpack, sleeping bag (not the warmest is ok), sleeping pad.
  • water(1l), food for several days. Plan shared dinner with a food group.
  • Clothes, the usual pants, underwear, shirt, jacket
  • spare socks might be good, though we seem to be able to dry clothes rather well with the heater.
  • first aid kit might include dark glasses, headlamp, toilet paper, duct tape, haywire, insulin, etc.
  • a camera, deck of cards or similar violent game stuff, songbook, musical instruments.
  • booze, or similar.
  • there is a stove up there, but bring naphtha for it, about half a liter per person. Bring your own stove, or share. Share a pot, bring a bowl and a spoon.

How to get a ride

Find somebody who's driving and ask them for a ride. Get a firm committment. Then don't bail, leaving them with a partially empty car.

List of People Who Need a Ride

Note: Putting your name on this list doesn't cause you to get a ride. It is the rider's responsibility to contact drivers and make ride arrangements. Contact information for VOC members is located in Members sections on VOC website.

  • June Kim (I believe June cannot make it RB)

Drivers and Passengers

  • Drivers Name [Location leaving from]
  • Roland Burton [+4 passengers,leaving from UBC Bookstore]
  1. Charissa Pinnell
  2. Christian Champagne
  3. Afton Halloran
  4. Andrew McGechaen
  • Natasha T [[email protected], 3 passengers, leave from Rupert Skytrain, Dec 16-19 (18 if poor weather/conditions)]
  1. Rob Schmidt
  2. Veronic Ouellette
  3. Yanna Martinek
  • Pascal [3 passengers]
  1. Rebecca
  2. Elissa
  3. Matthew
  • Veronic and Rob can also be driver if need to, leaving from Brodway and Commercial Dr area.
  • Steve Mullen [1 passenger]: Sat - Mon (16th-18th)
  1. Mahdi