Brew Hut Rebuild/March 20

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It was a very wet and uninspiring weekend in Vancouver. Crew this past weekend: Sandra, Karine, Jordan, my kids, and Moi.

Yard work: We dashed around a lot in the rain, and re-stacked the lumber a few times to try and keep it dry. Many large puddles formed. The tarp is getting holes; we need to apply duct tape. We painted, in the garage and between showers. We brought the rafter wood into the garage to try and dry it out.

Door: We have a framed door and it is partially painted. Need to buy a doorknob set that fits, from Home Depot, for $13. Need to package the door for travel.

Styrofoam progress: Jordan (Sandra’s supervisor) showed up and was very keen to help. He cut up 3/4 of the Styrofoam that goes under the floor; he would probably have done it all if I hadn't accidentally hidden some of the Styrofoam. Need to measure, and think for a few minutes here.

Heater progress: I printed instructions for a Drolet (Quebec) wood heater that is EPA Certified and legal in BC. Jordan is looking around for a used heater, I believe. I think Sandra is also looking for heaters.

Windows progress: Jordan is looking at used windows, though I am less keen about used windows, because they may not fit or they may be damaged, or they may not be strong or they may be single glazed, or they may leak. I bought three very good boards for making my three window frames. Scott's dad still seems keen to build windows.

Interior walls/painting: We have cut the ten sheets of plywood, which go on the interior sidewalls, and they are nearly all (9/10) painted. We will have enough of the lemon-lime parfait coloured paint to finish these walls. I bought another gallon of mis-tint, a pale grey this time. Looking forward to using it.

Floor progress: Scott Nelson phoned and told me that he is no longer trying to cover the floor with something fancy and expensive, so when it stops raining and dries out a bit, I shall start rolling on urethane porch paint. I talked about mixing porch and non-porch paint at the paint store, and they said it will work fine as long as they are all urethane based. For $3 we can buy a special non-skid additive (basically sand, but let's not mess around).

Roof rafters: We have the 2x10 ridge board. We need to buy two more 2x10 for the ends of the hut ("keep wolverine out"). I cut two birds mouths, and they were a lot of work. We did not rip the board that goes in the bird’s mouth because it was raining and Scott's Dad's garage is busy. We counted the 2x6 x 10’ and we have enough for only half the rafters. There are some 2x6 x 12' that we can shorten after we are sure they are not needed. And we can buy a few extra 2x6 x 10'.

Projects for now, and the next weekend. Carla's working so I shall be home to look after the children, so I might as well work:

DW= need dry weather

A. Finish cutting and bundling (?) the styrofoam. B. Assemble the end wall studs, cut plywood for end walls, inside and outside. DW B.1 Continue to paint interior plywood. Finish painting the door. C. Figure out where side windows go. Cut hole in side wall for windows and frame appropriately. D. Apply massive amounts of paint to the two floors. Buy some serious mis-tint paint. (2-3 gallons) DW E. Get the roof framed. Rip the board. Figure out how to cut large numbers of birds mouths in wet wood. Buy more wood if needed.