Brew Hut Rebuild/March 7

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Saturday we drove out to Curtis in Burnaby and ordered a huge pile of lumber, and around 2:30 a large truck with a fancy lifting machine on it, deposited the load gracefully near Roland's back yard, accompanied by subdued cheering from his kids. The hauling crew arrived minutes later and we lifted and stacked lumber for about an hour to get it all ship-shape, before calling the construction off for the day because Roland was too sick to make intelligent decisions, or to work with power tools.

Sunday at 12:00, giving the neighbors a break, Scott Nelson and I started up the big saw and cut all the boards for the main platform, called "MP" in the drawings. Then Scott nailed them loosely, we tarped the lot, and went home around 3:30 pm.

This may be the plan for a while. We work for a few hours, say 6 on Saturday, and 4 on Sunday. Maybe next Saturday we build the upstairs platform, and Sunday, some side walls (1 or 2). If you would like to participate in this strange new exercise craze, we can accomodate a few people. We'll be on site Saturday morning at 10:00. If you phone ahead or otherwise make a "reservation" we'll know how many people we have. This has to be slightly low-key because we don't want to rile the Building Inspector, or my neighbors.

So far we seem to be on schedule, and within budget. The people changing the plans are frantically trying to keep up with the building. We've probably made a few mistakes, but keep in mind we're not real full time contractors, and if we accidentally make the Hut too strong, that's ok.