Brew Hut Rebuild/Salvageable Materials

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==Salvageable Materials== from existing Hut

  • 8 2x10 beams in good condition - 14 1/2 feet long
  • ladder is good - 26 inches wide by 99.5 inches tall made of 2x6 tongue and groove
  • 2x6 tongue + groove boards - perhaps 50% of siding boards in existing hut are salvageable. Tongue + groove boards on upstairs floor are poor. These boards have already been salvaged once, so they are in short lengths and will be full of nail holes. Tongues + grooves may become damaged during removal.
  • All plywood (exterior and floor) is heavily damaged.
  • Hut furniture is crude, with the exception of one nice cooking bench.
  • 3 of 8 laminated beam segments are cracked. Each beam is approx 2 1/4 inches * 6 inches.
  • miscellaneous 2x8 and 2x6 boards in good shape, but already cut to short lengths.