Brew Hut for New Year

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The VOC built a new Brew Hut this summer, and it is a wonderful destination for the annual winter break ski trip. The hut sleeps 15, and at least 20 people can eat in it at once. There are a few windy spots for tenting around the hut. From the end of the Roe Creek FSR the Roe Creek Ski Route takes from 3-6 hours depending on conditions, skiing ability and the snowline. The area around the hut has slopes of varying difficulty, from beginner to difficult. Participants should feel comfortable skiing down hill through trees with an overnight pack on. This route is similar difficulty to skiing down the Garibaldi Lake trail, but has more trees and fewer switchbacks. Total distance is about 12km with 1250m of elevation gain to the hut if we have to park at the bottom of the road, so skiing this route in a day requires good fitness. Address specific questions to Sandra Nicol.

This trip is casual since Brew is close by and does not cost VOC members anything. Each participant will have to decide what day they want to go in, what day they want to leave, who they will get a ride with, and who will be in their food group (should be people who will be there the same days as you, such as your car group). Participants should sign up for each of these things in the categories below, and figure out food groups based on who will be there at the same time as them. If your prefered departure/return date is not listed feel free to add it. At this point indicate preferences; plans will solidify closer to the departure dates.

Total people for new year's eve (max 20)

15 can sleep in the hut, but there is room inside for 20 for cooking, eating, etc. If you are sleeping outside, bring a very good tent as 60-80 km/h winds are common during stormy weather. There are no sheltered locations to pitch a tent within easy walking distance from the hut.