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Trip Report

Thanks to everyone who came out to volunteer for this trip!


This is a trip to put up trail markers on the new winter route to the Brew Hut. The trip will be on the weekend of March 18-19, 2006. Good fitness is required for this trip, since it is a long way to the hut and we will be doing trail work along the way. Skis or snowshoes are also a must.

The plan is to split into teams of about 3 people per team. Each team will be assiged a section of trail to work on. The middle person puts up the markers. The back person stands at the previous marker to make sure the next one is clearly visible. The front person finds a good location for the next marker and makes sure the one being put up is visible from that direction. The middle person should be tall and the front person should be already familiar with the route of the trail.

Each team will need 1 hammer and a saw or clipper (for cutting small branches to make markers visible if necesary) and a stack of markers and nails.


  • The next marker in both directions must be visible when standing beside any marker. Ideally, the next 2 markers would be visible in both directions
  • Sudden changes of direction should be avoided to make the route easy to follow
  • Don't put markers on trees that are dead, or are in the way, since these trees will likely be removed at a later time.
  • Older, larger trees are generally better since they have fewer low branches and grow slowly.
  • In the forest, spacing between markers should be about 15m to 20m.
  • In meadows, spacing will be determined by sight lines and keeping a straight line should be a priority (i.e. going straight across a large meadow with a big marker on the far side instead of putting markers every 20m along the edge).

Sign Up

  1. Scott Nelson (ski, familiar with trail)
  2. Kerstin Bleitgen (snowshoe, unfamiliar with the trail)
  3. Sebastian Oppel (snowshoe, unfamiliar with the trail)
  4. Rueben Schulz (snowshoe - familiar with trail when it was NOT covered by snow)
  5. Christian Veenstra (ski, unfamiliar with trail)
  6. Evan Morris (ski, unfamiliar with trail)
  7. Tim Blair (ski)
  8. Marko Marjanovic (snowshoe *If I can get some from VOC*, unfamiliar with the trail)
  9. Marc Rautenhaus (snowshoe, unfamiliar with the trail)
  10. Sasha Podolak (snowshoe, unfamiliar with the trail)
  11. Greta Raymant (snowshoe - if i can get a pair from VOC - unfamiliar with trail)
  12. Angela Code (snowshoe, unfamiliar with trail)
  13. Yuri Bylinskii (ski, unfamiliar with trail)
  14. Artem Bylinskii (ski, unfamiliar with trail)

Tool sign up

Please indicate any tools that you can bring.


  1. Sebastian Oppel
  2. Rueben
  3. Christian Veenstra
  4. Scott Nelson
  5. Marko Marjanovic


  1. Scott Nelson



Drivers - please arrange to pick up you last passenger at 6am.

Maarten the silver pathfinder (leaving from 7th & Oak). I have room for 5 people plus gear.

  1. Scott Nelson
  2. Rueben (pretty please; I have gas money)
  3. Christian Veenstra (I also have gas money...)
  4. Greta Raymant (i live on campus though...could try & bus to Oak depending on what time we leave??)
  5. Angela Code (live on campus)

Ford Taurus (we could take gear) - leaving from Whistler:

  1. Kerstin Bleitgen
  2. Sebastian Oppel

Toyota Truck (fits up to 4 inclu driver) - leaving from North Vancouver

  1. Tim
  2. Yuri Bylinskii
  3. Artem Bylinskii
  4. Aiden

Honda Civic (3 plus me) - leaving from near UBC

  1. Marko Marjanovic
  2. Marc Rautenhaus
  3. Sasha Podolak (I live on-campus)
  4. Evan Morris (also on campus, can you fit skis? (please!))