Burton Hut Centennial Trail

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Burton Hut Centennial Trail
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Length 5km
Class Lake Crossing
Status Planning
Access Rubble Creek Road
Destination Burton Hut
Caretaker Varsity Outdoor Club
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Sketch of Trail

The Rubble Creek turnoff for the Garibaldi Lake Trail is located about midway between Squamish and Whistler (Google Map), about 250km return. There is a prominent sign, Garibaldi - Black Tusk trailhead, indicating the turnoff. The road leads about 2km to the parking lot at approximately 600m elevation. Only the first 400m of this road is normally plowed in winter, up to a private driveway. Do not block access to this private driveway when parking along the road.

Summer Access

Parking Location 2.7km up Rubble Creek Road @ elev. 574m
Nearest Town Squamish (36.4km)
Hiking Distance 17.6km (1230km Hike Class1 + 5.3km Class3/Bushwack)
Boating Distance 13.7km (9km Rubble Creek Trail + 4.7km Lake Crossing)
Elevation Gain 901m (2,956 ft)
Approximate Time #.# hours in / #.# hours out

For hikers in the summer without a way to cross the lake by boat or dry-suit, getting to Burton Hut requires walking around the Lake. This is usually via Black Tusk Meadows, over the Helm Glacier to Gentian Pass, and then bushwacking down from Gentian Pass to the hut. To avoid traveling on the Helm glacier, hike over Panorama Ridge to Gentian Peak and then down to Gentian Pass.

Winter Access

2WD with Chains
Parking Location 0.7km up Rubble Creek Road @ elev. 375m
Nearest Town Squamish (36.4km)
Skiing Distance 15.7km (2km Road + 9km Rubble Creek Trail + 4.7km Lake Crossing)
Elevation Gain 1,100m (3,609 ft)
Approximate Time #.# hours in / #.# hours out

Mid winter access is generally straightforward. Ski / Snowshoe the portion of road which is not plowed in winter (2km), then up the trail to Garibaldi Lake (9km) and then continue across the frozen lake to the hut (4.7km) which is located just past the moraine wall in Sphinx Bay, on the North side of the river which drains the basin. Total distance and elevation gain are about 15.7km and 1100m.

It is usually possible to "short cut" the summer trail to Garibaldi Lake somewhat by crossing portions of the smaller lakes en route, but trying to go directly up the river is generally a bad idea. Make sure to scout the ice from a hill first, as the far side of the lake around the Burton Hut is always the last part to freeze, and it is not easy to spot open water from so far away if you are standing at lake level. February, March and April are the most reliable months for solid ice on the lake. If the lake is not frozen, the hut can still be reached by the summer route over Panorama Ridge and Gentian Peak.


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The datum for all the waypoints below is NAD 27, to correspond with the NTS map of the area, 92 J/10.

Km UTM Elevation Description