Cheakamus Lake

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Using This Ski Guide

Route at a Glance

Rating Map Refs Road Route Start Elevation High Point Technical Notes
Novice PSG3 <8km/<3hrs 3km/1hrs 820m 820m Short day, flat


Take the Cheakamus Lake turn off. A short distance up the road, take the left fork to Cheakamus Lake and Helm Creek. It is not plowed, but is often clear of snow in the early winter and late spring. The right fork is plowed and provides the Microwave Tower access. Ski/drive to the Cheakamus Lake parking lot.


Ski along and old road to the edge of the slash. The trail is well marked and runs parallel to the Cheakamus River. After 1km the trail branches. One branch heads down to the river and the Helm Creek trail (marked as Garibaldi Lake). Continue straight ahead along the trail for Cheakamus Lake.


  1. Thin ice on lake

Trail Conditions