Chipmunk Creek

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A rough road up Chipmunk Creek gives access to some beautiful alpine hiking on Cheam Peak and Lady Peak. Cheam is a straightforward hike with a trail to the top, whereas climbing Lady involves some off-trail hiking and class 2 scrambling. Both peaks can be done in a single day.

Vehicle Approach

All roads are marked on the NTS map for the Chilliwack River, so navigation should not be a problem. The Chilliwack River road crosses the Chilliwack River twice. At the first bridge there is an obvious kayak slalom course in the river, and the second bridge comes after a long straightaway. Just after the second bridge, take the Chilliwack-Foley Creek Forest Service Road on the left. About 2km up the Chilliwack-Foley FSR cross Foley Creek and turn left at the T junction. Follow this road for about 1km, and then take the next right just after a bridge over Chipmunk Creek. This is the Chipmunk Creek road (~ 10 km), which climbs very steeply and has many shallow waterbars. Low clearance vehicles will not be able to drive beyond this point! Part way up, the road flattens and crosses Chipmunk Creek, followed by a fork. Take the right fork here (straight ahead really) and from here on up just follow the branch of the road that looks to be the most used. There's a large obvious parking area at the end of the road.

Road Conditions

The Chipmunk Creek road is no longer being maintained and is starting to get washed out (October 2005). At the present time, it is passable in a 2 wheel drive truck at a very low speed (to within 1.5 km of the parking area). It may require a 4*4 after the coming winter if no further maintenance is done on the road.

The last 4 km of the road before the parking area contains 2 steep sections covered with loose rock. The second of these sections could not be climbed in a 2 wheel dirve truck (and was close enough to the parking area that a second run at it was not attempted).

Cheam Peak

Follow the obvious trail to the Cheam - Lady col and then on to the top of Cheam. It is cold and windy at the top during the late summer/ early fall.

Lady Peak

Reaching Lady is an off trail hike and easy scramble via the SW face. Just go straight up from the Cheam trail wherever the going looks good. Routefinding is easy all the way to the summit.