Cloudburst Mountain

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This article contains old out of date information from an early 1990s edition of the VOC Ski guide. Road conditions may have changed considerably since this article was written.
Using This Ski Guide
Topo of Area

Route at a Glance

Rating Map Refs Road Route Start Elevation High Point Technical Notes
Intermediate 92 G/14 7km/3.5hrs 5km/4.5hrs 90m 1870m Long day/Overnight


Turn onto Squamish River Road from highway 99 (0km). Take the Squamish River Road for 26km to a branch just past the Weldwood Workyard. Branch road BR-100 begins here and depending on the snow level, this road can sometimes be driven to about 900m.


Ski BR-100 to the Microwave station on a small knoll at 900m then head up through a mature forest, staying to the left of the first cliffs. Ascend the steep forested slope just before a prominent rockslide and then take the SW ridge to the summit. Good campsites can be found at or just below the treeline.


  1. Some steep slopes off summit ridges; however, these can be avoided

Trail Conditions