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The hike up Coliseum Mountain can be started from Lynn Valley, or from the Seymour River. The Seymour River approach is faster if you use bikes, otherwise the Lynn Valley side is faster. This is a car-free trip easily accessible by public transport. It takes about 90 minutes to get to the trailhead of Lynn Valley by bus from campus.

Lynn Valley Start

Getting There

Translink Bus Information
210 Upper Lynn Valley map schedule
228 Lynn Valley map schedule

The park gate is at the end of Lynn Valley Road, and then it's about 1km along a paved road to the parking area. Note that the gate closes around sunset, so park outside the gate if planning on a late return. If your car is still there when the gate closes, a rescue operation will be initiated. City Bus 228 (from Lonsdale Quay) stops right beside the park gate and the 210 (from downtown Vancouver) stops a block from the gate.

The Trail

There are a couple trails that go north up Lynn Valley - it doesn't matter which one you take because they all merge down to one after 3 or 4 km. At Norvan Falls, about 6.5km, take the trail to Coliseum Mountain that branches off to the right. From here the trail climbs steeply to the head of Norvan Creek, where it joins the Seymour route and continues steeply up to the summit. Round trip time is about 10-11 hours from the trailhead to Coliseum and back. The ridge can be followed further to Mount Burwell and even Cathedral Mountain.

The trail is a bit technical and can be quite slippery and muddy, thus hiking boot are recommended.


GVRD Lynn Headwaters Regional Park - has pdf map of the park and trails.

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