Cycling to Cypress Bowl Ski Area

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Getting to the Cypress Bowl Ski Area by car is easy - just take the correct turnoff from the Sea-To-Sky. But (barring the North Shore MTB trails) it initially seems that you can't get there without going on the highway. Although not marked, it is possible to go to the Cypress Bowl Ski Area without riding your bike on the highway.


First, ride through the maze of roads which make up West Vancouver and arrive at the Chevron Gas Station, 3690 Westmount Road West Vancouver, BC V7V 3G9. Check the google maps, and realize that navigation mistakes in this area result in large losses of elevation as the road goes up and down constantly.

From here you need to go over the bridge across the highway. This is the same bridge which takes highway traffic coming from Vancouver to the gas station, and lets traffic from the gas station get back on the highway towards Squamish.

Proceed the 'wrong way' down the highway off-ramp, as if you were about to go towards Vancouver by riding against traffic on the shoulder of the Upper Levels Highway (there's a concrete barrier you may want to be on the non-car side of). Way before you ever get to the highway you'll notice a gated gravel road on the North side. Scoot across the off-ramp and take this gravel road - it leads to Cypress Bowl Road, just before the first hairpin.

Now, just cycle up to the top and experience substantial elevation gain via your own two legs.