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Diez Vista Trail Map

Distance: 13 km
Elevation Gain: 440 m
High point: 560 m
Time: 5-6 hrs

To find this trail drive to Buntzen Lake just north of Port Moody. The trail starts at the south end of the last parking lot. I found the trail markings could have been better as there are a number of trails in this area. Pay close attention to the signs and you should be okay. Follow the trail across a wooden bridge at the south end of the lake and go up a small rise. After 1/2 hr. there is a power line cut. Go left on this and you will pick up the trail again . You will see an old water pipe running along the cut and the trail is marked by pink tape . The steepest part of the trail is at this end. After going back and forth on what appears to be endless switchbacks, you'll come to the first little look out; Time to this point is about 1 1/4 hrs.

This is not one of the official viewpoints but the sights are wonderful. Diez Vistas means ten views but only four were worth the time. Once you leave the little viewpoint it is 15 min. to the top of the ridge. From here the rest of the viewpoints are within reach. On a sunny day Burnaby, Deep Cove, Bedwell Bay, Belcarra , and Vancouver are down below you . If the haze is not too bad you can see Vancouver Island in the background.

Viewpoint # 8 has a great view up Indian Arm. If you have the time continue across the ridge to viewpoint # 10 and then the trail starts to come down towards the north end of Buntzen Lake. The trail will bring you out to the Lake Shore Trail; follow this back to the parking lot. I found the best part of this hike were the viewpoints.

The trip across the ridge is nice but it makes for a long walk on a hot day. You should start early, and bring 2L of water if it's a hot day. I brought 1L of water and 0.5L of Gatorade and I ran out. Think about bringing a pinic or your bar-b-que so you can have a picnic at the end of a hike. Swimsuits are a great idea for a hot day because you'll want to cool off.

Text modified slightly. Original Text by Russ Sawdon. Photos by Melissa Tan.

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